Newbie - chapter 2

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Jan 26, 2006
Thanks to everyone who's been giving me info on my 95 land cruiser. Here's my next set of questions/thoughts (yes - I've been using the search function).

The stock stereo - ooffa. I'm hoping to pick up one of the scion radios - and then replace all the speakers. Then I'd like to replace the amp in the back and try and put a 10 inch sub in the space where the stock 8" one fits. Possible? Was kinda hoping to do the whole thing for less than 600.

Sun visors. My drivers side one keeps drooping. Is there an adjustment? If so - I cant find it.

Seems like the first few things I should do (truck has 105k on the clock and not a lot of maintenance)are: Pesky heater hose, re-pack birfs, flush cooling system, change fluid in both diffs. Anything else/

The abs seems slow to respond (it also cycles slowly). Could this just be the age of the software - or a possible maintenance issue? I had trouble stopping in light snow. Lots of slipping.

The power windows are sssllllooowww. Im gonna search up a fix. Hope there is one....

When the truck is in fourth gear with the od on - and im running around 1700 rpm - the truck has an annoying vibration that comes thru the steering wheel and gas pedal when Im lightly on the gas. Is this just an inherent part of the permanent 4wd?

Thanks all. Great site. My trucks all stock - but Im thinking about the slippery slope...

R. Barry
Stereo - Don't know. -Post your solution though. Others will like to see it

Sun Visors - no adjustment, lots of them do that. You could buy a new one from CDAN.

I would add fluid in center diff (some call it Tcase). Tranny Fluid Exchange, Front rotors while your doing the birf job, starter contacts. plugs, wires, distributor cap.

Provide more info on ABS slow to respond.

Lots of posts on slooww windows. Some take door panels off a grease motor and clean tracks.

Could be drive line problem. U Joints, shafts out of balance.

I would get a Center Diff Lock switch if you don't have one.
Search for the sun visors, that has been covered a couple times and there is a fix, but I don't remember what it was

Probly u-joints on the vibe, grease them to see if it goes away

ABS-probly normal, both of mine work pretty much as you described-far from an engineering marvel, but better than no ABS

Dunno on the rest of it.


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