New to the forum in WA

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Mar 13, 2016
Shoreline, WA
New to the forum, recently purchased a 91 fj80. Hope to meet new people.



Welcome! Clean looking truck.
What year Cressida do you have?
Nice looking Cruiser, congrats, welcome to Mudville.
Welcome to the club.
Welcome and nice 80. I'm only a couple thousand miles away, but perhaps when retirement days (in the far distant future) come, that number will shrink!
Welcome! I'm in Vancouver, WA. If you ever head down south hit me up. Jason
WA- Evergreen Cruisers

Once you explore & see the regional forums, you'll see who all / where all the planned events are.

:flipoff2: :flipoff2: :flipoff2: - since nobody gave you the "official" welcome yet.
Nice looking 80! What are your plans for its use? Are you going to wheel some in it or is it mostly a family / daily driver rig? I live outside Salem and sometimes go wheeling north of me.
Welcome - at least two of the guys you want to meet are Beno and NLXtracy...they will both save you and cost you lots of money at the same time....
Very nice. Look brand new.
Yeah I bought it from an old lady who only put 125k miles on it and got it for a steal at that. I use it as a daily driver right now but I'm planning on getting something else to daily so I can build this thing up. I go up camping a lot with buddies and plan on over landing this vehicle. Gonna build myself a storage box in the back and get a welder soon so I can create everything I need for myself.

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