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Dec 9, 2010
Charleston, SC
So I just bought an 80 over the weekend. '93 with 250k+ for $3250! Very excited!

But now the work of making it whole again starts. She runs strong, cold AC, a tad leaky lots if little issues, but all in all a sweet deal.

So I have been scouring past posts and have a few leads on some issue, but for the instrument cluster I have too many things going on at the same time and I am not sure what to make of them.

The Tach, water temp, and volt gauges all seem to work fine. The speedo is motionless, the oil pressure gauge is pegged high, on or off, and the fuel gauge read 1/2 with the tank full. I only have about 30 miles on it so far, so not sure if it moves... The odometer does nothing, and the trip meter shows nothing and wont reset. the O/D off light is blinking while driving.

Before I just start swapping parts do y'all have any thoughts on what the deal? bad cluster? bad sensors? The oil pressure light is on with KOnEoff and goes out when running. From my searching though it seems there are two separate sensors. But since the pressure gauge is pegged with the key off, I am thinking cluster for that. I am in the process of hunting down various grounds I have learned about. Its seems there are a few I need to chase down.

Brakes are very grabby, but I think that is because she has been sitting for a little bit and has the associated surface rust. As I put miles on it seems to be getting more predictable.

The steering feels loose to me, a little under a 1/4 turn before any response. I looked at the linkage with someone running it back and forth and it all looks tight enough that its probably loose in the steering box.

She also has a definitive "clunk" when applying or letting of the accelerator. If I feather the pedal I can minimize or eliminate it, but normal driving it has the clunk. I can not tell where its coming from. I am hoping for u-joints or something, but I have a nagging feeling its a dying torque converter. I was wondering what y'all might think.

There are a ton of other little things on the 26 year old beauty, but those are my major to-dos. I would love to hear y'alls thoughts. mostly just wanted to say hi and introduce myself though.

OD light blinking and no speedo suggests the cluster needs replaced. Mine did that and would also stall at low cluster solved the problemo.
I believe from my reading there is a difference between pre and post 93 clusters. Is there anything else I need to watch out for looking for one?
I believe from my reading there is a difference between pre and post 93 clusters. Is there anything else I need to watch out for looking for one?
You need a 93-94 cluster.

@slow95z or @arcteryx may have parts.

Clunk is possibly U-Joints or splined driveshaft yoke worn out. I would start by checking and greasing those. Make sure to do it "unloaded" as in: Transmission in neutral, tires chocked, engine off. Wiggle DS up and down, back and forth, end to end. Should have no play. Overall rotational play may be 20° as long as it's not in the U-Joint and just the slop in the driveline.

Whatever you do, do NOT unscrew the two screws and pull on the wiring harness on the AFM/MAF/VAF on the intake hose between the filter and the throttle body. You WILL wreck a NLA part.
As far as the blinking OD light. It’s telling you there is a transmission code. If your speedometer isn’t working it’s probably the speed sensor on the transmission. I would check those before I replace the instrument cluster. You can pull the codes with a obd1 scanner or by jumping the port with a paper clip. I’ve got a 93 as well and have been through a lot of these same issues. There is a ton of great info on here about getting everything sorted out. PM me if you have any questions you can’t find on here. Good luck. They are great trucks.
Parking the Landcruiser until you own and are very intimate with the exact year factory service manual will greatly aid you in “The work of making it whole again”.

If you want focused, accurate info from an audience, I would suggest limiting posts to one main issue and any problem possibly related to it.

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