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I recommend not getting a 'kit', but instead finding the original parts from a '79-or-later fj40 or an fj60. You want the knuckles-out, including the birfields. This will give you slightly stronger steering arms as well. Minitrucks are ok too, but the rotors are not vented, so not quite as good.

All these parts are available new from Toyota if you need new rotors, calipers, hoses, etc.

Don't buy JT Outfitters or other aftermarket or auto-parts store crap.
I believe there is a Toyota mini truck conversion that folks use........I would search the 40 tech forum for that...............welcome! I like Eddys advice even better!!!
Georg with Valley Hybrids should have the parts also. He is a great guy to do buisness with. I have bought several parts from him and never had a problem. Excellent advice and good service. I did a 76 conversion to my front before I learned about mud. Fast Eddy has good advice. contact Georg here on mud I think his handle is orange45 do a search on Valley Hybrids.
Welcome to MUD!

Try the classifieds I'm sure all the parts needed for your brake conversion can be found here within the MUD family. Beside it's better to 'keep it original Toyota'!


Psssst... Your bezel is upside down.

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