New Shoulder Belts in back!

May 19, 2005
Yipee! Just finished putting a set of new retractable shoulder harnesses from a 62 into my 86 60!
They fit great and wern't too hard to install.
You can order them new from the dealership (thanks CDan!) and they use the same female buckle that was already there. The price between new and used wasn't significant enought to justify going used ($88 each side new).

I had a hard time finding an M11 nut to go in the C pillar so I just went to M12 and all was good. On my 86 there was a hole in the C pillar but no threads, others have said their earlier 60s had threads in there.

It took a little extra time with a jigsaw w/a metal cutting blade to open up the cavity to accept the retractor but it fit right in there. I just traced out the area with a sharpie and snipped half the blade off with tin snips so it wouldn't go too deep. The passenger side had the wiring harness running through there so I had to open it up a little more the keep from pinching the wires.

Mounting the bolt on the C pillar was actually easier that I thought it would be.
I taped the washer and nut to the open end of the wrench and taped a coat hanger to the box end. I fished it up and started the bolt easily, then tugged a bit, and the wrench popped off the nut.

The shoulder anchor mounted in the front wheel well area where there was already a spot outlined. I used a little silicone and voila it was done. :)

I'm now looking for 2 used trim pieces from a 62 to go bcak there and it will be perfect.

Now my wife has one less thing to bitch about when I take the kids for a drive in the 60!!


Mar 24, 2005
bravo! i was able to keep the SO happy by just blowing all the dirt and crap out of the seat belts - just so they actually work to begin with. you go and raise the bar with this shoulder harness shenany and i'm going to have to start all over again. :]

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