New Rear Bumper going into production- TWD

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Dec 7, 2004
NW of Denver
TerraWorks and Design rear swingout bumper 60 series

TWD -TerraWorks and Design

All bumpers have swing outs by design can be either dual or single- same price

Thread in 60 section under new rear bumper design showing the build.

Base kit- body, brackets, side wings, frame mounts, skid plates /jack point along the wings back to the end of the bumper, swing arms-
no spindles, clevis mounts or latch- you get yours from the guys I used- Iron pig, AtoZ fab etc -makes sense otherwise we are paying shipping twice and I am not making any profit on those parts.

with spindle, clevis and latch

Full kit- all of the above plus tire carrier and ladder, mounting grade 8 bolts
without spindle, clevis and latch
with spindle, clevis and latch

Fully welded kits- all finished and made pretty except for mounting bracket- it is included but I don't have access to a 60 yet and I have heard the frames are different- I can do it for the 62s using mine as a test fit truck (discount if you can bring you 60 cruiser to the shop in Shreveport for a template)

Fully welded kit with no tire or ladder
$1300- no paint
Fully welded full kit with a ladder and tire carrier
$1500- no paint

above plus shipping and price subject to change until deposit received
paypal ok
50% starts your build

I will also be building other attachments of the ladder like a gas can holder, cooler basket, swing arm awning, camp table etc. Priced as I build them.

After spending the last 6 months in design and thinking this through, I believe that I have come up with a kinda different rear bumper with dual swing outs- No pics yet as it in the fabrication stage and I will be building a first run of 3. I will be keeping one and selling the other 2 at a somewhat reduced price to cover some of the cost of the first run. No pricing as of yet but here are some of basic stats-

I'll admit it- I took what I thought were the best ideas from ARB, 4x4 labs, Slee, Solid Rock and Iron Pig... and even some Jeep and Range Rover aftermarket bumpers to come up with what I thought was the most functional and easy to use design, However the main bumper body design I believe is original and a key feature.

3/16 all around
dual swing out using a Iron Pig spindle and 2x3x3/16 tube steel arms
Tire and ladder carriers standard- but you don't have to keep them on full time so when your "expedition" cruiser becomes a "mall" cruiser after the summer wheeling and camping season you not left having to do multiple steps to get in the back but still have a full functioning beefy rear end.
Not as fat as a kaymar but not a super thin "extreme departure angle" type bumper either.
Attachments for car camping will be available

Only doing this for the 60/62 series as most other dont make or have discontinued 60 series.

If you want to keep spare under car with tire carrier off that should work

Tire Carrier up to 35- maybe 37 tires

I am located in Shreveport LA and that should help with shipping costs being in the southern middle of the US

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Pics of bumper- dont have ladder up yet- ladder will serve as a mounting base for cooler basket, cans etc
After building this one I have found away to increase the clearence- where the tow points are is 2.5 inches- I can take that down to an inch. I had wanted to and still might put in brake- turn lights along that 2.5 inches. I can also take an inch off the bottom.
How about one for the 100 series?
No 100 at this time - I have been thinking about it but still need to finish the 60 first with all the little toys to add on to it like can carriers- but who knows!
tow hitch

can you add a tow hitch to this set up and how much more?
Hey, did you ever find a 60 to use as a template? I'm a bit far from you, sorry, but I might be moving to NC by the end of the year, and damn that bumper is nice...
Ha! I might be moving to Denver in the next few months! There are 2 60s within a few hours of me that I know of here in Shreveport. Prior to LA we were living in the outer banks of NC

I am in the process of quitting a job and starting a new one. Based out of San Francisco but we want to move back to CO. I have been building my truck for the last 5 years to make that move.

Anyway I still have some steel and I plan on finding a press out there and getting going again. The bumpers are really easy to put together.... And they don't require a full shop to build them.

When are you moving to NC?
Figures. :)

Fiancée is waiting to hear on a job. Should know this coming week, and then we'll start arranging. If it happens, I'd follow her out by the end of the year.
Yes on tow hitch- that's how it is set up anyway... Just have not had time to cut it into the bottom lip as of yet and mount it up. I am planning on sticking a Reese or something similar in that keep me safe as far as liability as well as easy set up. I dont want to cut the cross member as of yet and I can keep it that way by using one that is prefab- now on other bumpers where we would not have the tow points - that 2 inch section for high clearance then you would have to cut the crossmember.
Time to wake this thread up from the dead. I notice we're both in Denver... You selling these yet/again? I've got a 60 you can use as a template if you still need one. :)
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