New project- cover large foot trap in sliders

Mar 25, 2019
Gulf Breeze, FL
I have small kids, and getting in and out I'm always worried a leg or foot is going to go into this large gap in the sliders. So since I've been welding a lot lately I decided to have a go at fixing the problem. I ordered a section of steel floor plate from and have been rough fitting it up. I still have some grinding to do for this one, but I think it will come out OK. I plan to weld 3 to 4 small 1.5 " welds around the perimeter to hold it in place. Getting the shape right with only an angle grinder is a pain, but I'm getting it.

Anyone else done something like this?


Aug 22, 2015
Nice work. Yeah if a little one took a tumble with their leg in there that could be bad.

I don't have big boy fab tools so I get by with angle grinders. I've learned to cut very close to a scribed line with a cut off wheel in a 4 1/2 angle grinder.

I've got a cheap plasma cutter almost never use it. When I'm running it the edge it leaves it a PITA to clean up. More trouble than it's worth.
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