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May 7, 2003
Light Trucks
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ExxonMobil Introduces New Mobil 1 Truck & SUV Formula for Light Trucks
and Sport Utility Vehicles

Business Editors/Automotive Writers

FAIRFAX, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 4, 2003--

New Synthetic Truck & SUV Motor Oil Delivers Unsurpassed
Protection for Both Gasoline and Diesel Engines

From the lumber yard to soccer practice, light truck and sports
utility vehicle (SUV) owners ask a great deal from their tough,
versatile vehicles. Now the new Mobil 1(R) Truck & SUV Formula
synthetic motor oil gives these drivers outstanding engine protection
for their light trucks and SUVs in every kind of driving condition.
Designed for use in both gasoline and diesel engines, Mobil 1
Truck & SUV Formula protects hard-working truck and SUV engines in
high temperature conditions while delivering unsurpassed cold-start
Mobil 1 and ExxonMobil are trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation
or one of its subsidiaries.
protection. Mobil 1 Truck & SUV Formula uses special additives
designed specifically to keep light truck and SUV engines cleaner than
conventional motor oils by providing exceptional resistance to
high-temperature varnish and low temperature sludge deposits that can
dirty an engine and rob performance. It also provides outstanding wear
and corrosion protection for critical engine parts.
"With Americans buying approximately nine million new trucks and
SUVs every year, it was important for Mobil 1 to develop a product
that meets the distinct needs of SUV and truck engines and the driving
conditions their owners put them through," said Jeff Jones, lubricants
product manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties. "Mobil 1 Truck
Formula is a high-performance motor oil for gasoline and diesel
engines, making it a one-stop solution for light truck and SUV owners
who want their motor oil to outperform all others."
Mobil 1 Truck & SUV Formula will be available nationwide through a
wide range of retail and mass merchandisers, auto parts stores, Mobil
service stations, and some Exxon service stations beginning in early
Spring 2004. It will be available in the 5W-40 viscosity grade that
provides "5W" flow at low temperatures and "40" grade protection at
operating temperatures. Additional information about Mobil 1 and other
ExxonMobil lubricants can be found at


CONTACT: ExxonMobil
Raymee Holshouser, 314-552-6721
ExxonMobil Media Line, 703-846-4467
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Business Editors

For Exxon Mobil Corporation
Weber Shandwick
Raymee Holshouser, 314-552-6721
ExxonMobil Media Line

Fully Synthetic Motor Oil Used by Professional Racing Teams Now
Available to Car Enthusiasts

High-performance automotive enthusiasts will soon be able to get the
same boost and protection that professional race car drivers get
thanks to the introduction by ExxonMobil of its new proprietary racing
oil -- Mobil 1(R) Racing 0W-30. The new formulation will be available
to the public in early Spring 2004.

Previously available only to professional racing teams, the Mobil 1
Racing formula combines the best of Mobil 1's patented SuperSyn(TM)
technology with boosted levels of anti-wear additives, giving maximum
protection and minimizing internal friction for exceptional power
output. The specially designed high-performance motor oil is
recommended for professional and amateur horsepower enthusiasts
because it provides the performance drivers want from their
high-powered engines every time they get behind the wheel.

"We developed Mobil 1 Racing for people who live to drive
high-performance cars," said Tom Olszewski, technical services advisor
at ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties. "Whether they put Mobil 1
Racing in their Honda Civic or Grand Prix GTP supercharged engine,
drivers are going to notice a difference in how long their engine
lasts and how well it performs under extreme driving conditions."

Professional racers have been enjoying the benefits of Mobil 1 Racing
for years and right now 74 percent of NASCAR drivers use Mobil 1
technology. Uniquely engineered to help deliver maximum horsepower in
all engine types, Mobil 1 Racing minimizes engine drag and friction
while delivering exceptional high-temperature protection.

Mobil 1 Racing 0W-30 also incorporates anti-wear technology to help
protect supercharged, turbocharged and high-revving engines with
outstanding shear stability and a robust additive package to extend
engine life. Compared to conventional racing oils and higher-viscosity
synthetic motor oils, Mobil 1 Racing provides faster flow to critical
engine parts to provide the ultimate in performance.

Additional information about Mobil 1 and other ExxonMobil lubricants
can be found at

Mobil 1, SuperSyn and ExxonMobil are trademarks of Exxon Mobil
Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.
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For those of you that have been wanting to run Delvac 1, it looks like Mobil is coming out with a version for gas motors.
Apr 28, 2003
Turquoise Trail, N NM
I think this is the same stuff I saw in a Japanese car mag advertisement (M1 5w40) a month ago. As an aside, I just switched to Shell Rotella T 5w40 to M1 10w30. I've only run one tank of fuel w/ the M1, but it seems fuel economy has dropped 5% under identical driving conditions (except A/C is not being used w/ the M1 and was used w/ the Shell). I'll get a better idea after running a few more tanks, but if, indeed, the results are the same, it suggests that M1 10w30 has more friction than Shell Rotella T 5w40?
May 7, 2003
If anything your miliage should increase going from the 5w-40 to the M1 10w-30. The 10w-30 is a GF-3 gas conserving oil, while the 5w-40 is not. Also, the 10w-30 M1 tends to be a thin 30 weight. I would suggest that you check for different enviromental conditions, i.e. warmer cooler weather, change in fuel formulation for winter, driving conditions. It is generally given that you need to average at least 3 tanks of gas to get any type of average mileage. I know in the 80, it seemingly varies between 11.0 and 12.5 for normal around town driving.

May 7, 2003

I really don't know why your 80 likes to drink M1 0w-40. Have you checked the PVC valve? It almost sounds like you may have some stuck rings. If you still have it in, leave it through 5000 miles to see if the consumption improves. The 5w-40 may be an improvement, but I don't know if it is the answer. I am also thinking you may want to consider a used oil analysis to see if you have high levels of fuel or other things in your fuel that point to consumption.

I know that when I switched from the 15w-50 Mobil 1 to 0w-40 in my wifes car that the consumption jumped initially (about 1 quart in 250 miles). Then the consumption stopped.

Finally, I am thinking you may really want to try mixing half Mobil 1 5w-30 and half 15w-50 to find out if that lowers your consumption.

Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
THe PCV was new last year.
I have Chevron in now.
THe Rotella didn't suck and the prm's were high most of the time I had it on on my trip out west. It was in there between the 10w30 M1 and the 0w40.
I will try Rotella syn 5w40 next oil change and see what it does.
Apr 3, 2003

I really don't think that mixing vicousities is a good alternative. From what you said above, it seems like you're compromising 10W-40. Why not something else?

Oh, where do you get M1 0W-40 ? I live in the BA as well but could not find them anywhere :(


I think your problem is due to the high mileage. My Acura (approx. 200Kmiles) drinks them like crazy; I gave up after 3 tries (i.e. three consecutive oil changes). Consumption was like 1qt/1000miles.

May 7, 2003
The idea behind mixing the oils is that the Mobil 1 5w-30 tends to be a bit on the thin side, the 15w-50 is to heavy for winter. By mixing you bring the thickness up but still maintain better cold start than the 15w-50. Also, different oils will burn differntly and it may help consumption.

M1 0w-40 can generally be found at Walmart, Autozone, Kragen, Checker, or your local parts place.


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