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Dec 27, 2022
Hey there!
I'm new here with a new to me LC, It wasn't the intention, but i couldn't be happier.

Me and my partner recently bought a house outside NYC, Catskills area, and are in the process of getting it up to date while slowly moving our stuff from Brooklyn to there.
I'll be doing a fair bit of the work on it, and making regular hardware runs etc. as well as construction debris run until there's reason to get a dumpster.

Initially I was hoping to just pick up a gen 1 tacoma, used truck prices on the eastern seaboard are mental though, and getting something new, 4wd, that isn't dolled up for the mall is impossible.

So I gradually expanded the search to any truck, or any SUV that'll take a cart and haul some business, and also handle itself in snow.
Somehow the attached was the most economical option I could find, so I drove a few hours to see it and it was marvelous


185k miles, single owner, all service records, even a copy of the original receipt from the dealership, considering it's spent 25 years in CT the rust isn't bad at all
Slapped new tires under it since pic was taken. Suspension needs updating, running boards need to come off, looks like it needs a new valve gasket, and there's one ding in the frame which is of some concern but i did get it for a comparative steal so i'm motivated to fix and make it last
No plans for it yet other than to enjoy everything aside from the mileage and be the classiest guy at the dump.

Also I am from a country where these routinely get modded heavily for glacier fun or SAR work, and grew up surrounded by them, so once i'm done haemorrhaging $$$ at this whole house business maybe i'll have some cash left to show it the love it deserves

Looking forward to mining the collective wisdom here,
And if anyone has a recommendation for a body shop in Sullivan County NY that might wanna take a look at the frame and do some sort of rust-proofing i'm into that.


Mar 14, 2006
Las Cruces, NM
Sounds like you're putting it right to work, enjoy and Welcome !

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