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Jun 22, 2012
Hey all! i'm new to the forum and had a few questions for you all, just wanted opinions, thoughts, that sort of thing. Here is the scenario: I own a 1994 landcruiser, slate blue. It has been in the family since it was new and now it is getting older. It has front and rear diff locks. It leaks quite a bit of oil, engine, transmission and powersteering. I live in Utah, and mainly use it to drive in snow, as a DD and camping in southern utah, idaho and wyoming. I am considering fixing the cruiser, but am also considering a newer tacoma. thoughts would be appreciated!
Lots of threads regarding oil leaks. Most of them easily fixable. PS pump can be rebuilt. All depends on how the LC was maintained (you should have that info handy). Many of these trucks go 300,000+ miles, many without the dreaded head gasket problem.

Fixed all my leaks, renewed the cooling system (new rad, t-stat, hoses, PHH workaround, etc.) and my Cruiser is ready to go anywhere.
It sounds like a little baselining and preventative maintenance is all that is needed to have an extremely reliable, durable and capable rig back in fighting shape. You might need to do the knuckle service as well.
Yes. I will look into them. thanks Also, it has quite a bit of sentimental value in the family. It just passed 180,000 miles. Both my dad and I have taken excellent care of the truck, driving it easy, not running it hard when it is cold out, etc. (despite the salty roads) Also, have had it serviced regularly, oil changes, we have a great mechanic who my dad has gone to forever and is friends with so. I just dont want it to become too much of a money pit, as I am attending college.
I agree. I hope to turn the car into somewhat of a project vehicle, possibly put a OME lift and some larger tires on. Also, there is a banging noise in the front right (differential?) I believe, and this too should be taken care of. The car only makes the noise when the steering is cranked all the way to the right. The noise gets worse under power. Any Ideas?

Read it, learn it, live it.
Birfield Repack

Keep that truck and just do the required maintenance/servicing needed. These will run a long time with just fluid changes and brakes/tires. At this point in it's life it just needs some refreshing of the slightly more involved maintenance. Everything you will need to know and more is available here. Search things like "baselining", "PM", "PHH", "Birfields", "coolant flush", etc. You will get the idea pretty quickly that most here are going to tell you to learn how to do these things yourself and use Toyota OEM parts only. They did last 180K and 16years, so they work and are designed for that life span.
Getting parts is pretty easy, search for C-Dan, Beno, and they will hook you up with original Toyota parts at a discount and they will make sure you get the right things to tackle these items as they come up.
Good luck, and please, post pictures or no one will help you:D

Edit: you need 10 posts before you can add pictures, at least I think so.
Many thanks! I will get to work on it soon, and post pictures as well! Hopefully I will be able to rebuild her without too much money :) we will see! I think it will make a great project anyway! I appreciate all the help, ill keep everyone updated!

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