new brake line help

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Dec 29, 2005
swithing to dana 44 front & dana 60 rear. doing frame off wondering what size brake line to use and just how I go about running it the way it is ran stock just looks a little heanky. Do I need all those junktion blocks or just run them straight to the axles? And what do I use for mastercylender, some I've seen run old corvete, some run sort of caddy both without booster. Thanks for helping me again:) :)

71-40 series will have a booster....Toyota drum brake master will have a 1" bore...disc brake master will have a 7/8" bore...I would go with the larger bore to work with this GM stuff...

Route the lines how you want, so long as they are secure, and you have a hose from the frame to the axle... ;)

Dana 44 front? " bullet proof " keep it open with 31's on it and you should be fine. :)

Good luck!

well 44 isnt as bullet proof as i would like just have one already laying around. going to run 35s with spring over. until I can get a 60 for the front 44 will have to work. Iam going through all this trouble just so my wife can drive it without burning the clutch and brakes up every time she drives it (tb 350&205) bought it be for she came into picture 10 yrs ago and finally getting to work on it again.
thanks guys any help i can get is greatly appreciated. Trying to do as much of the build as I can myself. I think the onlything I am not going to attempt is the wireing just to much room for error.
wiring is not that hard at all. search the section for all the people that have rewired with different kits. I used painless, and it really was painless, for the most part. The 40 is a pretty simple machine.
ditto on the wiring, it is not THAT hard.......although not completely painless, either, just the contortions under the dash..........

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