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Mar 13, 2003
North Front Range, CO
Go for the upgrade.
Just give us a little time to go and save any posts that we want before they are gone. I use the board as a record of what I/others have done. I will save what I need to a disk.
Never mind what I just said, I have tooooo many posts to reread :puke:

Any ways, with the new board we can hash out old topics without someone :cry: "use the search" or "we talked it to death all ready"

kurt :eek:bscene:
Yup, sounds good to me! especially if the search section will be easier, there should be less :cry:

see the FAQ thread...collect the stuff you want, make a .txt file, and send to me via email. I'll create tech pages with reference, etc.

Also, for a period of time, I'll work to keep this forum up-readable but NOT postable so any "missing" info can be grabbed..

have one of our esteemed listers recreating the SOR forum right now for just such readability....keep it up for a few months til we've exhausted the important stuff..

woody you da man

doug(and just think,post padding will start all over again)
Can we get a 'spell checker' on the new board for us that went to public skool. :stupid:
Slightly OT, you can :slap: if you deem necessary :-/ ;)
I've a suggestion. A lot of the other forums that I visit show a individuals location if they so choose, right under their name. When the topic is such that you have people from literally everywhere, its always nice to learn/know a little bit more about the folks your having discussions with. Just a thought :dunno:

True, didn't think of that. Guess I was suggesting a spot that "prompted" the person to put in their location.. vs. the somewhat generic sig line. It appears most people just list their truck....

Seems to me that the important threads tend to become items in the tech section (witness Jim's Birf article). There will always be the oddball things that come up that don't warrant a tech article, but that the collective knowledge/experience of this board can address. So my vote would be for whatever it is you need to do in order to provide for a stable environment where we can collectively discuss our needs/opinions. Just my .02.


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