New bezel instrument panel.

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Jan 25, 2006
I'm trying something new with my non functional gauges in my instrument panel. Since my speedo works and i would like to keep the basic look of the instrument cluster. I have measured the the bezel and I'm atempting to 3d print the bezel with holes for autometer gauges. So far I have some basic concepts that Im going to throw out for feedback. The 4 hole concept will be tight.

These will use most of the inner structure of the cluster. I will have to clearance some areas . The parts will be plastic but I think I can finish it to look like the original.
I dont think 4 2-1/16" gauges will fit with a notch for the column. I'm going to print one of theses out and see how it fits together.
Im not using the board. I'm using the housing, just clearancing it for the gauges. I'm cutting the black plate under the speedo, all the way across. This way I can keep the window for the speedo and gasket. This bezel is a little thicker due to the material. Plastic needs larger wall thickness.
I dont know which one I will end up with. I already have 2 holes in my dash, so I just might stay with this one .
Nice work. Can you print up some of these?

I wish. I would feel bad. It is my work printer. We do “government” projects all the time but I don’t want to abuse it. It was a very expensive printer that I had to justify buying. When I’m done designing it I have no problems sharing the stl files.
If I could get a hold of one. I could copy it, and share the file with everyone.

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