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Dec 31, 2018
Saint Augustine, Fl
Finally got a decent FZJ80 at a decent price, I've been looking for a few years and they tend to sell quickly. I'm going through the process of baselining and fixing things as I go. Things I've noticed so far, It leaks. Oil pan, xfer case, LSPV (purchased), rear main seal. It has some bad rust spots at R passenger seat belt anchor on the floor-about 3x4in inch hole around the anchor plate, also has bad rust on driver side front of wheel well behind the door/flare. Sunroof is duct taped for now due to leaks, will likely permanently seal in the future. AC is in-op-, it has been charged several times in the past 3 years, no belt currently on the compressor-tension pulley is seized--parts on order. It has a decent service history, although not at Toyota dealerships. Currently working on getting it safely drivable so I can enjoy it while I fix it. LC has 240K miles on it and mostly stock.

A few questions, I plan to do stock OME springs with OEM shocks and stabilizer. I am having a hard time figuring out the quantity and part numbers on the bushings. I know I need the following:
48511-69386 Front shock x2
90948-01004 Bushing x 8 per shock
90948-02141 Retainer cushion #1 x 4 per shock
90948-02144 Retainer cushion #2 x 8 per shock
45700-60052. Steering stabilizer-comes with bushings
90385-19003 Rear bushing x 4 per shock
90948-01004 Rear cushion x 4 per shock

Question is, this seems like a whole lot of bushings for each shock. In the past it was typically 4 washers and bushings per shock. Can anybody clarify this for me? Just trying to figure out what I exactly need for complete shocks and bushings. I will order the stock height OME springs and 20mm spacers from Slee. Pictures attached, I look forward to getting the 80 road worthy and reliable. I had a 1980 Jeep CJ7 10 years ago that I fixed up, I would consider my skills as novice/intermediate, but I know how to read follow instructions. Thanks.

Last questing, are there any reliable LC mechanics in Saint Augustine FL area?







Oct 26, 2017
Alpharetta GA
Congrats! If you are buying a lot of OEM parts consider and lakeland which isn't that far from you. Also I am not of the belief that the sun roof seal is supposed to keep all water out but the drains are supposed to drain the water out. So until you get those cleaned out maybe consider ordering some flexible magnet sheeting and put it over the sunroof hole. I haven't installed stock shocks before but all the shocks i've ever ordered came with the bushings needed to mount them.

You will need to remove the roof rack and put something to stop the rust up there too and if the nutserts don't spin seal them with bolt etc.

good luck and welcome!
Apr 11, 2019
Just like @clx16 said, when you buy the shock assembly, 48511-69386, all the bushings are included. You can see in the image below the parts included inside the box. You can also get them individually.
The items outside the box on the right are the retainer cushions. If you have shocks installed, then you can reuse them.

The steering damper does not have bushings as both ends have ball joints.

If I recall correctly, the rear shock assemblies come with bushings and retainer cushions.




Battle Ground, WA
Jan 29, 2014
Battle Ground
What you suspect to be a rear crank shaft seal leak is probably just the oil pan arch. Definitely verify the source of the leak before you dive into the rear main replacement. Mine has 305k miles and does not leak.

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