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Sep 29, 2003
My 81 cruiser has no roll bar and SOR tells me that their supplier of "sport" roll bars has gone away.

I want one that is basically the same shape as the stock one, but doesn't have to match exactly (I'm not a restorer;). I'd do used too.

Can anyone help? Looking to get it here asap/within a couple weeks.

thats the first thing that came to my mind too ... his s*** rocks love the fenders too
Metaltech is one option, reasonable price for the cage, smittybilt doesn't make the universal kit anymore. Try posting under Wanted or For Sale, there's always one in there. I just found one there to finish my family cage.
Try Profitts Cruisers in Delta Colorado. He can get you one for 75.00. Shipping is pretty expensive but if you have access to a welder he will cut the hoop in half. Good luck. There are a lot of people on this board that will help you asap. Be prepared to spend around 150.00 for shipping.
a local 4x4 shop may be able to do it for you, cheak to be sure they will make it strong enuf. w/ that you also can make it custom and have the cage come over you (the driver) like in the newer j##p's
custom gets expensive....however, check your local 4wd clubs and people local to there is someone who has upgraded their stock cage to something safe (yes, I don't trust the stocker for a roll, but it doesnt sound like you need
I've tried most of the shops I know of anywhere near me (4x4 connection, JT outfitters, etc) - seems to be a momentary shortage ;)

Yeah can't say I'll yet be tempting roll fate, but you never know, those fishing trails can't be predicted!

Keep those suggestions coming, I haven't found one yet, even from classic cruisers or ccot.
Did you call Specter and see if they have a used OEM? They usually do.
Sounds like shipping would kill ya... but if you found yourself in WI could probably cut you a reasonable deal on a used OEM. You might find a racing shop that could fab you one similar to stock (with heavier wall material like 0.120") for less than shipping costs on an OEM unit.

Yes I tried spectre for both Sport and OEM - no luck ;/
where you at?

i live south of charlotte and go to school at clemson. i know of a couple possibilities in the area if you want me to check on them next time i'm at home. (maybe this weekend)

hey custom,

there is a junkyard/toyota place in fort mill (my domain) and they might have a couple stock-ish roll bars. there is a place in seneca (over here near clemson) that would bend you up some stuff and maybe weld it for you if you're interested. it's just an exhaust place, but they have a mandrel bender and the guy's son is really into wheelin. (too bad he's got an ol cj7 up on 44's)

the place is called toyota techs. it should be in the charlotte yellowpages. there's no promise that they'll have something/anything.

good luck,
Thanks guys - just ordered a stock-like bar from MetalTech. Should be here Tuesday :)

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