Needed: E-brake handle restoration suggestions (1 Viewer)

Mar 4, 2016
Boulder, Co
Thanks Spook and MoaByte. I just painted a new gray dash with SEM brown and it came out great. I'm not sure what will happen when I try to sand the rubber, but it sure worth a try. Maybe coat it with an epoxy first? I was spooked (no pun intended) about buying the handle P/N above because they say it doesn't fit a 1988 FJ62. Doesn't seem like it should be any different from an FJ60, but what do I know?

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It’s not coated in rubber. At least the handle in my 60 isn’t. You should be able to sand it and paint it. An epoxy coat is an interesting idea. I’ve thought about from fiberglassing all the plastic bits in my truck if I ever go for a full restoration.

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