Need some help with A-pillar measurements (1 Viewer)

May 9, 2016
Raleigh, NC
Hi all,

The floor boards and bottom of my A-pillars are all rusted out. Repairable, I think, but I need a few reference measurements to do it right.

Here is what would be great if someone could check on their rig's A-pillar:

Distance from bottom of the door stop slot to the center of the bolt hole where the rocker attaches

Distance from bottom of the door stop slot to the top of the floor board.

Mine is a '77 FJ-40 if that matters. And I assume the driver and passenger sides are the same!

Thanks in advance.
Jan 9, 2013
Maple ridge bc
From bottom of slot to centre of bolt hole is 12inch
From bottom of slot to floor is 13.7/8
Measured pass side on a 76
The driver side is same to bolt and 13.3/4 to floor
But it's been patched on. Driverside floor
The other cowl I have on my aqualu tub has no cowl vent not sure of year measures same to bolt hole
And same to floor in cowl part

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