1. sunrk

    Rivnuts for mounting custom stainless snorkel to a-pillar

    What are the right sort of rivnuts to use in the a-pillar to fix a custom stainless snorkel to the body with? There isn't really any way to easily create a 'nutplate' to fit inside the complex curved a-pillar, and last time I checked I figured it would be difficult to use regular nut and bolt...
  2. K

    Need some help with A-pillar measurements

    Hi all, The floor boards and bottom of my A-pillars are all rusted out. Repairable, I think, but I need a few reference measurements to do it right. Here is what would be great if someone could check on their rig's A-pillar: Distance from bottom of the door stop slot to the center of the...
  3. kcobourn

    Water leaking into PS a-pillar during rain storms

    Has anyone run into a scenario where you have a water leak that only happens when your car is parked? What did you do to correct it? And did you find any rust if you had to pull out the glass? I've checked the sunroof drains, ran a hose across the windshield / sunroof / roof rack with no luck...
  4. Navyator

    Sunroof leak fixed!.... I think

    I've been dealing with a leak for the past month or so, and I just had no idea what was causing it. During rainy days, water would seep trough the headliner on the driver's side A-pillar and would develop a slow drip. I was concerned it was somehow coming in my rain gutters as there are a few...
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