SOLD Need Running 2F Engine

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Oct 21, 2016
Southern Nevada
I’m looking for a complete 2F engine. I do not want to have to do a rebuild.
does it matter what generation of 2F?
I have a 69 FJ40 and need to be able to swap it in. I know the exhaust manifold I will need. I have a 4 speed now and can switch Bell housing and clutch stuff. I also have a newer fan clutch and water pump. I`m know the alternator mount is different. So not sure what generation difference there is that would matter much.
So a long block is ok?
I was hoping to find one with all of the brackets or anything that I can't just switch over. I`m not worried about smog don't need any of that stuff. mainly alternator mounting brackets front double row damper pulley and exhaust manifold. I`m not sure if the motor mounts front/rear, are the same or not.

Alternator brackets, no biggie. Manifolds: you could get a stud kit from SOR and use what you already have. HB? That’s a premium, at least for me.

When I bought out Midwest Landcruiser 30 years ago, I got about a dozen running 2F longblocks which I pushed under a shelf in the back of the shop…and have never done anything with. I’m thinking that I should start trying to move these down the road.

Lets talk.
Thanks Mark. I read earlier that you were down a bit right now so I`ll give you a few weeks to recover and I`ll call the shop. I`m not in a big rush.
I`m still searching!!
I’ll split it with you John!
Do you still have this for sale?
Okay do you want the tail end
Yes I do.

Sitting in the same spot as pictured.

Located here in Orange, CA 92867
PM sent
I’m mostly interested in as many things as I can get that are bolted on to the engine. I already have more transmissions than I am likely to sell in my lifetime. I’m flexible. Nothing on my ‘ must have’ list. And I can potentially help with logistics for you.😉

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