Wanted Need Factory Roll Bar!

Sep 16, 2008
Dallas, Texas
Hello group,

I am looking for a factory roll bar for my FJ40. I see aftermarket ones that are welded but I like the look of the factory ones with the brackets at the joints.

Do any of you have an FJ that you are parting out? Maybe you have a spare sitting around or perhaps you know where I can find one. The closer to dallas the better.

Thanks for any help you can give me.
Feb 8, 2006
Vancouver (not BC), WA (not DC)
Have you read up on the stock roll bar here? There is a reason the aftermarket ones are welded (i.e. they actually protect you in a rollover). The stock roll bar is pretty much just for looks. It probably won't offer much protection in a roll over.

Buy a decent aftermarket roll bar and protect yourself and your loved ones. There are a few vendors on this site that will ship a roll cage right to your door.

Metal Tech - ~ M E T A L T E C H 4x4 . C O M ~ is a good one. There is also redline advertised here (do a search in the vendor section). It really is worth your time to do it right.

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