My M416 Build Starts Up!!

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Aug 9, 2007
Spring, Texas
Just brought home my M416 after taking it for a spin to see how it rides. Started stripping off parts and setting up for the build.

Step one: Bed Line with "Liner Xtreme" brand of liner. It is available local to me here in Spring, TX so there's no shipping charges.
Color Chart

Step two: Bed Line the Tub with Dark Green

Step three: replace stock axle with new 6 on 5.5 with e-brakes
Trailer Axles - Trailer Axle Kits

Step four: replace stock BO lights with LED

Step five: duno....keep going
M416 Build 00000.jpg
M416 Build 00001.jpg
M416 Build 0003.jpg
My M416 Build Starts Up!! Continued

Starting the stripping process and sealing cracks and holes with fiberglass. Then lined the frame and bottom of the tub.

Ordered the Axle and waiting for it to come in....
M416 Build 002.jpg
M416 Build 004.jpg
M416 Build 006.jpg
My M416 Build Starts Up!! Continued

Finished with the liner on the frame. Installed the LED rear lights. Still waiting on the axle. But I did buy some Land Cruiser stock wheels and some Nitto Grabber meats.
M416 Build 005.jpg
M416 Build 007.jpg
My M416 Build Starts Up!! Continued

Got the axle. Had to go get some XL ubolts to use the stock military leafs. Put the new meats and wheels on and wow...what a change. Went with a spring-over configuration. Got some great height but now the drop tongue doesnt hit the ground..... Will have to come up with something to keep the trailer level when not on the LC.
M416 Build 008.jpg
M416 Build 010.jpg
M416 Build 011.jpg
Looks good so far. My trailer is at the sand blaster's right now, so looking forward to painting it. It was mostly olive drab and a little rust;p, so I'm just going to leave it in OD. What color are you planning on?

For the drop leg, you could drill a hole through the horizontal bottom of the leg, then bolt a piece of wood to it; attach another short metal leg to it, or even go with a caster wheel if you can find one of the right size. I'm not sure what ours is going to have, as I'm waiting until the good tires get on it.

Then there is the fender issue in covering the now-too-wide track width with the LC backspaced wheels. I spent more than I'd plan on a set of custom fenders, but they look nice.
great writeup.

the bed looks like it's seen it's share (and more) of gravel. any thoughts about reinforcing it, or are you going w/drawers where it won't be affected by weight?

tailgate plans, if any? are the white leds wired for On in addition to BackUp?
I wonder what the brackets on the driver's side of the trailer were for?
I wonder what the brackets on the driver's side of the trailer were for?
something loop-able: hose or wires would be my guess.

ps: to the OP -- please cross yr tow chains/wires underneath the hitch. Doing so creates a cradle in case the hitch comes off the ball. Not getting in yr biz, just trying to prevent a potential skidstain.
My M416 Build Starts Up!! Continued

Mounted the tub on the frame after the bed liner was sprayed.... didnt come out as good as I hiped. Found out after the fact about an adjustment screw on the sprayed to control the flow... NEWB!!!

The exterior coat went on much better than the inside. I mounted a wheel carrier from a Jeep YJ on the rear. It holds my 305's just fine. I had to put two extra holes in the plate for my Yota 6 on 5.5 pattern but seems to be working well. It also provides some weight balance so I can move the trailer off my vehicle easier.

Next, I want to add some brackets for my gas/water cans. WHERE OR WHERE TO PUT THEM????

Here some pics.....
M416 Build 012.jpg
M416 Build 013.jpg
M416 Build 016.jpg
Next, I want to add some brackets for my gas/water cans. WHERE OR WHERE TO PUT THEM????

Here some pics.....

I've seen people do two things with this idea. Use the area in front of the fenders on each side. The cleanest installs have used a fuel can turned on its side, since you can tuck it under the top rim of the trailer. Gotta have good leak-proof cans for that, though. Vertical mounts have to be far enough away from the trailer to clear the side of the top rim or they have to protrude beneath the trailer to mount closer.

In both cases, extending the fenders to cover your tires provides a way to support the back end of a "running board" that your can or rack can sit on and protect it from road debris.

Adventure trailer makes a nice can holder that some people use to hold the actual can. It's pricey, but works well. Not too hard to fab something if you're welding new fenders anyway if you want to keep costs down.

BTW, nice color of 80!
^ much more nicely said than "search". good job.
Are the 'Yota rims lighter than the original steelies?
What part of Spring are you in? I'm off 2920 and Gosling by Klein Oak, would love to lend a hand as I am thinking about doing the same kind of build.

Those are the same lights I am looking to get... can you post a couple pics of them at night and how much light they produce?
Those are the same lights I am looking to get... can you post a couple pics or video of them both (backups and brakes) at night and how much light they produce?......
Me likey!
awesome job----looks rugged

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