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Jun 26, 2004
east coast Canada
United States

DEPOSIT TAKEN, pending sale.

Thanks MUD!

I have decided to move on. Had lots of fun doing this one, 7 years of fun, sometimes not so fun!

My build thread is titled " it has begun"

There was nothing left untouched on this truck, unless it did not need to be rebuilt and then it received a thorough cleaning and detailing. She was converted to 12 volts and every single part is Toyota, with exception to the PS reservoir which is BMW.

All body panels were repaired as necessary with new metal. All Doors and window frame were separated, blasted and repaired as necessary then epoxied and re-welded back together. The floors were coated with raptor tinted to Toyota Nebula Green. Truck was base cleared with Nebula Green and then reassembled with all new Toyota or repro seals. It has Paki soft top hoops with an Ocdbeetle top. I have the original sides, unfinished, with glass and I can probably get a hard top that also requires finishing.

The wiring harness was completely rebuilt and modded as per Toyota factory wiring diagrams to 12 volt. It has functioning EDIC with a manual glow set-up from a BJ40. All lamp assemblies were replaced with new OEM parts. Headlights are Hella H4 with relays.

It has a 3B from a 1985 BJ70 and a H55f from a BJ60, vacuum xfer case. BJ70 PS pump with BJ60 box. Rear axle is from BJ70 so it has the park brake set-up back there. It has factory steel wheels freshly painted without hub cap clips.

Front seats are from a BJ42 mounted to custom floor mount. Rear seat is a facing forward BJ70 seat. There is also a center console with heater from a FJ40. This is mounted on a custom base which has 2 beverage holders. Dash was replaced with a unit from fjgoober, Seat coverings are like new and match front and rear in the BJ70 hounds tooth pattern. The front seats were upholstered by using a rear seat covering material. Front shoulder belts from a 40 series. Park brake lever mounted in tranny cover like BJ42.

I estimate I have probably close to 4000+ hrs into this truck. My wife says I am OCD and anal.....I am! By trade I am an aircraft mechanic so everything I do is to 100%, and then some.

I will deliver to the Maine border if the purchaser is from the USA.

I will load some newer pictures this weekend. The pictures in the add are from the summer.

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