My Drink Holder Project

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Aug 23, 2006
N. California
First, if someone else did a similar project and I don't credit you, please don't take offense. I read a lot here and have learned A LOT! I have many ideas and lists of things to do to my rig to make it better for me. I just forget where I read it, where I saw it and who did it.

I've wanted to have drink holders on the back of center console for the middle row seats and one each for the third row seats for some time. I finally ordered them, rec'd them yesterday and installed them tonight.

Here we go:

I went with the flip down drink holder with expandable arms for different size drinks.
I bought them from this eBay seller. $26.95 for the 4 and free shipping. Very sturdy.

I wanted these temporary in case I didn't like it. I went with Gorilla Tape, 15lbs. If you feel inclined there is also a 30lbs tape by Gorilla.

The center console is about 7 - 8 inches across next to the side drink holder. Each flip down drink holder base is 3 /1/2" square, 2 would be 7" and I wanted a gap between them, so I settled on 9" long.


I decided to mount the drink holder on something that would be semi-rigid, thin and easy to work with. I went with an aluminum sheet scrap I had. I cut it 3 1/2" x 9".

Cut to size:

Remember, I want this temporary. I applied the double-sided tape to the base of cup holder and stuck them to the plate.

Here they are stuck to the plate:

And now tape on the back of the plate. I didn't go all the way across because the plate overhangs to one side. I actually added a vertical strip along the left edge where the pencil line is. Where I mounted it in line with side holder is closer to 8".

Here it is mounted. The new holders are at the same level as the side drink holder. I'm kinda OCD that way with stuff lining up, even, etc. You'll notice the console has a curve to it. I opted to curve the plate to replicate the curve and give me maximum holding strength. I also put a slight overhang on passenger side, about half an inch. Does not impede seat movement.
Also, no worries on the drivers side holder have tape on half. I put in a 1.25l sode bottle and it held fine! :)

The holders for the 3rd row seats were pretty easy. I started on the passenger side.
Since no one smokes in my rig I considered removing the ash tray and covering the hole with the holder :). In the end I put it below the ash tray. It may look like a tight fit but it's fine. I didn't want it on the access panel and above the ash tray made it awkward to access. Also, remember the seats fold up.

Passenger side:


Now the drivers side. Remember the OCD thing...yes, I measured, triangulated and whatever else and got it in the same spot.


And clearance when seat is folded?? Yeah, lucked out, it's fine!

All in all I am very happy with the result. I have a 16yr old and a 19yr old and this is the popular ride to haul friends to the lake, the beach whatever.

Having these I hope will prevent the spills noticeable in pics of 3rd row.

I am considering masking and painting the visible metal dark brown to match the interior.

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