My 1966 FJ40, Canadian spec.


Jan 22, 2003
Rockyview County AB
I removed this one from my ‘63 45 (and the spray nozzles on the cowl, but no “jar”). I’ve already welded the mounting holes closed figuring it was aftermarket. I wouldn’t have used it anyhow. The mounting screws were just nominal trash sheet metal screws, not anything Toyota would have supplied. What parts manual is that (year, model)?
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Not sure where the image came from. I poached it from another thread on mud. Based on what I’ve read I’m pretty sure ‘66 was the last year for it. I’d like to get it going again for the curiosity factor. I guess I’ll need to rig a reservoir to work with it.


Dec 14, 2007
Nelson, BC
Nice project. Your truck is 21 units before my cdn spec 66 which also started life red. Probably came over seas together. I got mine in vancouver area but who knows where it went when it landed. Mine had a rougher life and was missing a lot of its original parts, so interesting to see how mine would have been. My truck was also factory floor shift. Didn't come with its original doors but no door cards on what it had. It was grey vinyl interior based on the one remaining stock jump seat, fronts had been swapped to buckets by a PO. Regarding windshield washer mine came with a pair of holes in the hood for the washer jets, but nothing else in place.
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