Mud Flaps for a No Flare/RB

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Jan 10, 2003
Austin, Tx
After a couple of rounds with the search, I did not find an answer.

For those who have taken off the flares and running boards, what options are there for mud flaps?

Thank you.
Good question. I'm searching for the same thing. Need temporary flares to take off before hitting the trail and need mudflaps to make the truck "legal."
RCW 46.37.500: Fenders or splash aprons.
Just got a ticket, I'm on 35's
Anyone have any ideas, links to products?

Ill be needing the same. Im considering pulling the flares/flaps and having the bottom Line-Xed, but I still want flaps to help keep down the stuff that gets thrown off the tires.
When I removed my running boards and fender flares I came across original HZJ80 mud guards, which work and fit great. It looks stock. The part numbers for front are: 76603-60030 (rh) and 76604-60030 (lh). I needed only front since I don't have original rear bumper and these wouldn't fit right... Will post some pictures if I learn how. If anyone is interested I can email them to you. Regards, Miha

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