Mojave Road: October 4-7

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Jun 28, 2010
Pasadena, CA
I am going to do my first run across the Mojave Road this Fall. I am hoping to have a good group of 100 series guys on the trip with me but wanted to open it up to anyone that wanted to come along.

My plan is to leave Thursday (Oct. 4th) sometime after work and drive up to the start of the trail and camp. Would start on Friday morning and go through Saturday and Sunday returning to LA on Sunday evening (Oct. 7th).

It turns out that Columbus Day is on October 8th. If there are enough people that want to come on the trip that actually get Columbus Day off I am willing to shift everything ahead one day so that I would drive up Friday afternoon (Really don't want to because of Vegas traffic) and return Monday evening. I have only talked to one person that actually has Columbus day off so I am not going to move it forward.

I have never done the trail so I am still deciding on what side destinations are worth going to and where to camp to break it up evenly. Suggestions are welcome.

Hope to see some folks on this trip.

Paul Gardner
Count me in. Mojave road has been on my list for a long while and as of now I can make make it. And I will have my daughter as well.
Great! It should be a Family friendly trip. My wife and son will be with too.
The road is pretty easy, EXCEPT for crossing Soda Lake, which may/will be impassable if wet.

Get this guy's guide book. It is excellent.

Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association

Look for Mojave Road Guide.

The east end can be a little confusing, due to a lot of raods crosing the main track, but he has GPS way points.

He has side trips and history, etc about the road.
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Paul, I'm going to put this on the calender and see if I can make it work. I'll see the wife in a couple days and see if she gets Monday off or not.

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I'm going to put his on the wheeling whishlist as well. I won't know if we can make it until closer to the date but I have been wanting to run this trail for a long time.

Another 80 and I did it last April over two nights and three days with a great group of FJ Cruisers from OAUSA who took us to most of the major spots like:

Piute Gorge

The School Bus

Government Holes

Hole In The Wall


Mid Hills was our first night camp.

Vulcan Mine

Kelso Dunes

Big Rock Camp (2nd Night)

Mail Box & Frog Shrine


Lava Tubes

Soda Lake Rock Pile


Mojave River Trestle


Link to entire album from the trip.

I have almost every attraction marked on this Google Map. If the link doesn't work then search under my G-mail name Bluetribal33 or PM me and I will send you the kml file.
Wow thanks for the pictorial. That is perfect. Might just have to recreate that trip. Sounds like you hit all the highlights.
No problem, we didn't hit them all but definitely all that you can in 3 days. Next time I run it I will probably run it N to S hitting a lot of the stuff in the Northern section.
FYI we stayed at the AVIA the Thursday night for like $35.

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What is the AVIA?
North to south or east to west? I QA thinking of starting on the east side of the Mojave and ending at zzyxx
Staying in Laughlin is not a bad idea the night before and meeting along the river. There are a hand full of resort casinos that usually have very low rates. And if you have a total rewards players card you can almost defiantly get a comp room for the 4th at Harrahs Laughlin.
I'm leaning towards that.
Although I don't have a players card
It doesn't have to be from the Luaghlin's Harrahs but any of the 40 or so Harrahs owned resorts which is why I bring up Harrahs. I believe most or all of the other resorts in Laughlin are not tied to a larger players system. I'm not sure if it will work but you might be able to signup online for one of the casinos players card and than get a discounted or comp room for a Thursday. Might be worth a try as I have always been able to get a free room in Laughlin for a night or two even most weekends.
It's the Avi Casino that is closest to the start of the "Road".

When we did it, we stayed at the Harrah's because it was cheaper.

Make sure you run down to the Kelso Depot for a milkshake.
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I'm interested in coming along, is an 80 welcome? Ran it solo (well, one vehicle with just my wife and I) a few years ago, and would like to get back and explore some of the things we missed along the way.
Yeah 80's are welcome

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