Missing, spitting, sputtering 40

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Feb 26, 2003
Hey guys...After a long hiatus, I've finally found my way back to another cruiser and this site...

And of course, I've got a cruiser with a problem.

78 FJ 40 with a Weber carb, starts fine and idles with no problems whatsoever, but as soon as I try to give it any gas to accelerate, it spits, sputters, backfires like crazy. It's so bad that I can't even really move it on its own because the minute I put it in gear and give any gas, the problems starts...

Any suggestions?
Check the gas level in the fuel bowl. You might have to remove the top cover of the Weber to check. If it is about half full, then the problem is the accelerator pump and /or the main nozzles aren't delivering fuel. Does it work better with the choke on?

If there is no gas visible, check the fuel delivery from the pump and check for a clogged tank or fuel filter or a bad pump or a stuck inlet float valve.
I had a similar problem about a month ago. I think it was the accelarator pump. I rebuit the carb and that fixed it. But then again what the hell do I know I am just a newby.
We do have Weber rebuild kits, but I would have to know which Weber it is. We sold two Landcruiser Weber kits about a 1'000 years ago, got both of them thrown back in our face, so that deal was short lived. I don't remember what size carbs were included in those kits, I'm thinking it was the smaller 32/36???. Let me know.
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