Metal dust cap/hub cap falls off - '93

Jan 17, 2005
Southern Colorado
Helping a buddy. He has a '93 FZJ80 with lockers. Recall the metal dust caps (true hub caps) that are a press fit into the drive plate? He was missing one, and the other was flopping around under the plastic hubcap. A cursory measurement by him showed these hubcaps to be 'too shallow' to fully seat into the drive flange. When you try to seat the cap, it runs into the end of the axle before it's fully seated on the flange. This truck has 380K miles and 2 owners, but is serviced at various shops. I wonder if it has OEM dust caps, or something from a Chevy. He does not do most of his own work, and is not sure how long this condition has been in place.

Question: Is the metal 'hubcap' the same part number throughout the entire 80 series run? Is the cap different for lockers? Did it change when Toyota modified the drive flange to make it deeper (in 1995-ish)? On Toyota parts deal, it shows: Toyota 43423-35010 Cap, Front Axle Outer S and claims fitment from 1979-2007. He told me the snap rings are installed on the end of the splined axle shafts.

I am going to look at the truck tomorrow night for myself - but just wondered if anyone knew what hijinx may be going on.

Thanks - Steve

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