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Nov 5, 2006
Mesa, Az
I have spent a some time searching Mud trying to find a "good" bin file for tbi injection for my 2f. I have seen several threads that include guys emailing their bin files to each other.

I would like to create a master list of your working bin files. I think this will help everyone out including myself. I was able to find a couple linked in a few threads but to have them all in one spot would be a beautiful thing.

I will do the busy work and post your file to a server and then post the link with description to this thread. I do want to include what sensors you are running or missing and if you have anything flagged out etc. Also if the program was built to perform in a particular way.

Please send your file to this email addy:

Hopefully we can get some good participation here and have a good list to choose from. If you know of a link that has a file/with description please forward that to the email as well. I am sure I missed something that we should include so please add your comments.

Aug 22, 2009
if anyone has these or other 2f files please contact me. I am looking for 2f bin files for a tbi conversion.

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