Major component shipping weight

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May 10, 2006
Rome, GA
This has been asked and answered in various threads but I figured maybe you guys that have done this, or do this regularly, could post up the shipping weight of some of the major components on our 40s. (If the list is a good one maybe this could land in FAQ).

I am in the process of trying to get a 2F shipped and searching did not reveal anything.

Maybe we could get a quick weight listed on the following items so those that want to ship something can get an estimate from a shipper:

2F 550lbs Approximate - - $215 Seattle to Chattanooga
2UZFE - 475lbs
1UZ - 445lbs

H42 (no spacer)..... 140lbs

Transfer case

Third Members

Complete axles

1 Pair of stock springs
80 lbs ($63 UPS Ground GA to TX)

FJ40 Body Crated
350 lbs (flat rate via SAIA was $485)

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Found this today if anyone is trying to ship one of these for use in a Cruiser.

And here is a list of the weights, measurements and applicationis of some of the smaller Toyota engines:

ZZ-FE 1999- 102 kg 639x586x632 Alumiinilohko, Corolla
1ZZ-FE 2002 126 kg 639x586x632 Alumiinilohko, RAV4, man.
2ZZ-GE 1999- 115 kg 652x608x659 Alumiinilohko
3S-GE 1986.8-1989.9 136 kg Manuaali
3S-GE 1986.8-1989.9 143 kg Manuaali
3S-GE 1986.8-1989.9 128 kg 670x615x655 Automaatti
3S-GE 1989.9-1994.1 153 kg 670x615x672 Celica ST182
3S-GE 156 kg 670x615x655 Carina E Gti
3S-GE 156 kg 670x695x640 MR2 euro, SW20
3S-GE 1989.10-1993.10 148 kg MR2, Manuaali
3S-GE 1989.10-1993.10 141 kg MR2, Automaatti
3S-GE 1993.10-1999.9 700x700x640 MR2
3S-GE 1993.10-1999.9 153 kg Celica, Man.
3S-GE 1993.10-1999.9 146 kg 700x690x650 Celica, Aut.
3S-GTE 1986.10-1989.9 169 kg
3S-GTE 1989.10-1993.10 172 kg MR2
3S-GTE 1989.9-1994.1 178 kg 681x687x658 Celica ST185
3S-GTE 1993.10-1996.6 172 kg 705x700x660 MR2
3S-GTE 1996.6-1999.10 670x700x665 MR2
3S-GTE 1994.2-1999.9 178/185 kg 700x690x675 Celica ST205
4A-GE 1983.5-1987.5 123 kg
4A-GE 1983.5-1987.5 116 kg Automaatti (MR2)
4A-GE 1987.5-1991.6 126 kg 575x630x635
4A-GE 20V 1991.6-1995.5 128 kg 650x635x625 Silvertop man.
4A-GE 20V 1991.6-1995.5 121 kg 650x635x625 Silvertop man.
4A-GZE 1986.8-1989.9 136 kg 575x630x635 AW11, Automaatti
4A-GZE 1986.8-1989.9 143 kg 650x635x625 AW11, Manuaali
4A-GZE 1987.5-1991.6 154 kg AE92, Manuaali
4A-GZE 1991.6-1995.5 149 kg 621x632x650 AE101, Manuaali

I arranged a deal with the seller who had shipping contacts at work but I have heard it said that the 2f is about 50 lbs heavier than a SBC
Amby doors with glass 24 lbs. each. Front doors with everything 49 lbs. each. Side panels with glass 40 lbs. each. Fiberglass top with rain gutter 44 lbs. + a couple lbs. for odds and ends. I carefully weighed all of these moments ago with my scale--should get you close enough for an estimate.

From another thread.
Here is the most economical way to do it. Shipping heavy items is not a big deal if you know someone who works at a company with a loading dock and routinely ships pallets.

We all know someone who works in a bigger company that has a loading dock. Talk to someone in the shipping dept about having a pallet delivered and know the approx weight and dimensions. Most companies have no problem providing this service. The person sending the item should secure it well to the pallet and wrap with industrial clear wrap. Have them deliver it to a shipping dock for pick up.

The rates vary depending on how the item is generally is not to bad from Dock to Dock. The only example that I can give is that we ship pallets that are about 250 pounds and on a regular pallet...the cost for USA delivery is about $150.00.

Since we are small, one of the local businesses in town is more than happy to accept these shipments. It does not hurt that I slip the guy a $20 for every pallet he loads on my trailer :)

Any idea what the shipping weight of a transfer case is (40, 60, 70 series)?
H42 (no spacer)..... 140lbs

Transfer case

Third Members

Complete axles


The H42: is this only the transmission or with the transfer case?

Do you have any weights for a differential (40/60/70)?
The H42: is this only the transmission or with the transfer case?

Do you have any weights for a differential (40/60/70)?
I don't. Just started this thread as a kind of clearing house if anyone ships something and discovers the weights or shipping cost, I thought they could stick it in here. :beer:
4 speed tranny about a 140 lbs, transfer case 75 lbs .have to seperate them to go ups.

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