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Oct 6, 2016
Hate to ask such a simple question but what is the current consensus on low beam replacement bulbs for 2013 Lexus LX570.

I bought Amazon level Phillips set last go around. Now a few years later and need to choose another set. Thoughts?
Interesting, how many years did you get out of the bulbs and what is the reason for replacement?

I usually get 10+ years from a set of HID's and change them only because of the diminished output.
I'm running the D4S: Osram +200% Night Breaker Laser HID Bulb 66440XNL from HID concept. Definitely not 200+ but very clean light. Any of the top phillips or osram are fine.
I switched to the Osram Night Breakers as well on my 2013. I noticed an improvement over the stock old ones (110k miles). Like Bunga said any Phillips or Osram should be g2g. I would avoid buying from Amazon due to potential fakes though.
Thank you all for the info. I got about 3 years out of this one. It was an amazon Phillips purchase for 40 bucks.

I will look into the others mentioned.

I bought a pair of Philips Xtremevision HID bulbs for $150 (incl shipping). They are more on the yellow than the blue side, but very similar color to OEM and definitely 10-20% brighter. (Not 2x though). Got them off ebay from the Lichtex store, which ships out of Germany.

I had tried a set of DMX HIDs and for $30 for the pair off Amazon they're a decent cheap solution but light output seemed like it was only maybe 75-80% of OEM. Could be that they were a bit bluer though and my eyes are less sensitive to 6000K color than 4500K
I run all my lights on LED. (Low, High, DRL, Fog).
Only trick is to take it to a shop who passes my safety inspection without fuss. otherwise I need to swap the Low and high to OEM lights to get the inspection passed.
I used phillip ultravision bulbs which are very bright like LED but they burned quickly for me.

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