LT1 Swap

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Sep 26, 2002
Yakima, WA
Does anyone have any experience swapping an LT1 into an FJ40?? I have a chance to pick up an ex-police LT1, complete (intake, exhaust, sensors, computer, alt, a/c, etc.) and in good order, (about 300 hp, 300ft/lbs of torque) for $400, but I haven't seen any other cruisers with this swap. I believe this is the one with the gear driven water pump and the distributor up front angled downward behind the fan belt. Curious whether this would prove to be problematic, whether it is a dist. that has to "breathe", or whether it could be sealed up for water crossings, etc. With the fitment of the wiring/controls aside, is this engine too good to be true?? :dunno:

Any info would be very much appreciated!!!

why dont you just sell it to me? seriously, it is not much different from a vortec. the water pump vent can be fitted up with a hose to vent it higher. wngrog on here and pirate has this swap. it is TIGHT. I would do it if i had the money...

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