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Mar 22, 2010
Everett, WA
I'm looking to buy my first piggy and saw one ebay 78 Blue and white. Does anyone know this one on ebay or have any info on it? I was looking for some help on things to check and look for and questions to ask. I also keep a look out here. I have a fj40 and would like to add a fj55 to the list. Thanks for your help
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watch out for rust, badly done mods and chevy engines. the weather strip is more or less made of gold, and you have to make just about every part that is not drivetrain related. other than that, you shouldn't have too much trouble finding one...stick with the yoto clubs and be weary of ebay type sales that you can't look at in person before agreeing to spend cash.
So where is the biggest rust issue on these?
There's a good starter on Craig's list Paradise, Ca asking $1000
Thanks I will check it out. Is there anyone that makes any sheetmetal parts for these?
I don't seem to be able to find it listed.
rayjay said:
So where is the biggest rust issue on these?

Roofline and rocker panels.

Rockers are an easy fix, but I'd be wary of one with a rusted lid.

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So where is the biggest rust issue on these?

Everything is repairable, but rockers, lower rear quarters and fenders are easiest to fix (sawzall). Rust around the raingutters is really, really hard to fix.
So sounds like fenders and rockers panels are not to bad but shy away if the roof and gutter are bad. The ones I have seen seem to have the rust in the front lower fender and inside on the floor. And that's just what I can see in the pictures. I thought I saw on here someone making those parts
Is there certain years that are better then others as far as finding parts and things?
The middle production years are easier to find pieces for. The '68/'69 and the '78 have some odd-ball one-year only stuff that is harder to find.

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