Looking for 02 FSM

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Try a search, there are some links to manuals in some of the discussions.
There's an '04 download in the FAQ. Most of the systems should be close to your '02. Also, you can register your vehicle on the Toyota Owners site (or Lexus, not sure which one you have) and they'll give you free access to a PDF of the FSM.
Pick up the Electric Wiring Diagram book while you're at it...my gut feel is that I use it as much as the FSM, especially when adding electricl goodies.
I have the entire 99 manual on my google drive. PM me if you want the link.
I got a full set of 2002 manuals on ebay for around $100.00. I think there might be a set of 02 manuals on there now, not including the electrical for around $70.00.
Thanks everyone for your response . I did do a search on the site before asking. I came over from the 80 section where FSM down loads where easier to come by. I will check eBay

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