long idle times

Jun 11, 2003
How long is it ok for an 80 to idle, especially in the winter time? The owner's manual suggests idling no longer than 20 minutes to avoid over heating the dual cats, flooding etc. In the past I have allowed other trucks (not 80s) to idle indefinitely with no consequences. I sometimes do this during the winter months during short stops as it is probably better than shutting the engine off and restarting two minutes later over and over again (just had to replace starter contacts) in sub-zero temperatures. I am considering a high-flow single cat system but what are the issues with the OEM exhaust and long idle periods? Does anyone have any experience with long idle times? Any mods necessary. I need my cruiser to be as reliable as possible in sub-zero, deep-snow back-country conditions. :cheers:
Aug 8, 2003
As a rule, I would never shut down my engine in a deep snow backcountry situation - even if traveling with a group. As a rule in the city, I'd never let my 80 idle needlessly such as starting in the morning and letting it warm up idling while I ate breakfast. Prolonged idling on a gasoline engine is not good for it, which is why your owner's manual states to use the accelerated maintenance on an 80 used this way. Better to warm an engine by driving it gently. One bad thing warming an engine with idling is the entire drivetrain's cold and you romp out of the driveway with a warm engine and beat the crap out of cold drivetrain parts (shift pattern goes to higher RPM warm engine loop, etc).


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