lift and 33's?

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Oct 9, 2003
i'm new to the LC world, and i have a lift question. i have a stock 91 LC that i'm thinking about lifting. how would a 3 inch Old Man OME lift and 33 inch swampers work out? how much would the lift and bigger tires (i'm running 31's now) affect the power and fuel economy of my LC? what are some other things i should think about?
The OME will improve the suspension and give you plenty of room for larger tyres. The 33's help fill the empty wheel well space and look very good. With stock gearing (4.1:1) you should be OK with the 33's but you will lose power and a little fuel economy. The lift won't help your mileage either.

If you don't regear your speedometer and odometer will be off by about 6% (depends on actual tyre circumference.)

You should think about 4.56 gears to improve the peppiness and help with the larger diameter and heavier tyres. The 3FE is power challenged.

when you say 3" lift do you mean the OME J springs??

I am currntly running the 2.5 " ome med load spings and 33" bfg atko, runs well can still hit 80 on flat land. remember the 3fe was never meant to be a race car motor it is slow but reliable. fwiw I had 33" xterrains on when I bought my first truck and they drove like hell on the freeway. if you are going to run this as a daily driver think long and hard about investing in a two sets of tires.
If you only going to do 33" tires, then you only need the 2.5 lift, but as far as swampers and fuel economy go... I've got a set of bfg muds which are my daily drivers and i get about 13mpg with those. I also have a set of 33" SS boggers and I get about 6mpg with those on. If your going to do a tsl then it wont be as bad as a bogger, but i'm sure its not going to be the best thing in the world for gas.


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