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Nov 22, 2016
As someone else mentioned, if this pos was a problem before it will probably be a problem again. Last night coming home from dinner it starts the dying, requiring choke to start, won't idle, won't pull away smoothly. We went into the grocery store early as it is the last day of football season and I just want to sit with a cold beer and watch the fellows play. It was a miserable trip. Of course on the highway it is just fine. So I hoped I could just raise the idle, nope. So I set the Seahawks game to record and got to work. It took about an hour which included making two new base gaskets. Cranked it to fill the bowl and then it lit off. I had to adjust the idle speed, darn. That was it. Just changed the carburetor, nothing more or less. As you can see in the attached picture I have found a place for this Trollhole made in China carburetor. Once it decomposes I can spread it in the garden, that will be the only other use I have for this pos. Thanks to all for your time, help, guidance and sharing of experience. I wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year. Lenny.

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So a troll hole is junk? I see so many people on here praising troll hole carburetors


May 23, 2011
Atlanta, GA
I have been battling problems with my trollhole carb the last couple weeks. I purchased it in 2019 and it maybe has 100 miles on it. I have cleaned it out 3 times now.

I have having flooding problems as discussed here:

If I can not solve them soon, I will be making the jump to either one of @Racer65 japan made ones or I will go Holley Sniper. Jury is still out.

I will say after multiple phone calls with @Trollhole, he has been very helpful and by no means am I trying to tarnish anyone’s record.. some times things just don’t work out.

And I should add- My current problem is likely stemming from an improperly vented gas tank, not the trollhole carb. Later today I will be working on it and I will be sure to report back.
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