For Sale LHD BJ75 3B AC Parts....24v Clutch, Pulley, under dash parts....

Jun 6, 2012
Nashville, TN
Hey guys, I'm going to be selling my 1990' BJ75 LHD 5-speed soon and I have gathered about 80% of the AC parts, but won;'t have time to gather the rest prior to sell. Willing to sell them now, otherwise will offer them to whoever buys my truck. I have the last known brand new OEM Toyota 24v AC clutch (impossible to find) that I got straight from a contact in Japan. Also a brand new OEM Toyota Idler pulley. I also have all of the under dash equipment including AC control panel, evaporator, duct work, etc for a 70 series. This stuff came out of a VM 70's series in Europe and will fit LHD 70 series trucks. The parts I don't have are a compressor, bracket, tensioner, condensor, lines, etc. Most of which is more more available than what I have here! $2,000 for all of it Clutch and pulley were over $800.....

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