1. F

    45 Troopy body on BJ75 chassi?

    Hi everyone! Has anyone done this conversion? I’m curious if I can leave the engine and transmission in original place on the bj75 chassi when putting on the 45 body? The BJ75 wheelbase is just 30mm longer than the 45 and the motor is quite far back as on the 45 but is it enough? If there...
  2. S

    SOLD  BJ75 ute rear lights

    Looking for working BJ75 ute rear lights. Original part numbers are 8155069155 and 8156069155. Also they might work from different 75 ute but the electrical connector needs to be oval shaped. Shipping to Finland, paid by me of course.
  3. Mud Connection

    Wanted  AR: BJ75 Steering Pump

    Looking for a steering pump w/pulley and remote reservoir, for a BJ75 Troopy. Thank You!
  4. G

    BJ75 Ex firetruck

    Hey all, I've been researching land cruisers for a pan Americana trip (cliché, I know) and continuously find myself on this site reading information so I finally decided to create an account. I have found a vehicle which I believe fits my specifications, the only issue I have with it is that...
  5. U

    For Sale  Atlanta: 1989 BJ75 for sale. Red. Roof rack. Used to be an ambulance in Poland.

    $28,990 1989 bJ75. Red. Parallel bench seats in the back. New brakes, power steering, engine tune up. Roof rack. Tented windows.
  6. MSP1989

    For Sale  FJ75, HJ75 & BJ75 Restoration Bundle

    FJ75 , HJ75 & BJ75 restoration bundle 85’-89’ ( LHD ) & 12V consist of the below parts : 1. Front bumper chrome plated ( NOS). 2. Rear bumpers Lh & Rh chrome plated + center bracket ( New & Genuine ) 3.Front Grille Chrome plated + headlights + Turn signals lamps Lh & Rh chrome plated ( NOS )...
  7. theglobb

    14B into my BJ75 troopy?

    I've read a lot in the past week or so, I don't have any reason to believe that my 3B-T will crap out soon but I know it eventually will. Whenever something catastrophic does happen, I'm pretty set on not trying to rebuild it, parts are getting harder and harder to find (more expensive too), and...
  8. theglobb

    Events/Trails  Cross Country Road Trip in my 1987 BJ75 Troopy

    About a month and a half ago I graduated high school and left to travel across the country with 5 other friends in my 1987 BJ75 Troopcarrier that I had just slapped a $50 junkyard turbo onto 3 weeks prior... No power steering, no air conditioning, no lumbar support, and no horsepower. I'll just...
  9. theglobb

    BJ75 Battery & Filter Light Issue

    Hey there, today was the first "cold" day where I live, dropping down to 36 degrees last night, I have no clue if this has anything to do with anything but yea there's that. As for the issue, it started today just as I had pulled out of my driveway and popped it into 2nd gear my battery and...
  10. theglobb

    Builds  The "Red Rocket" Troopy

    Hello all! Around a month ago my father and I bought a LHD 1987 BJ75 Troopy, previously owned by @4btfjz80CO93 and imported by @gilmorneau from France, to be my daily driver. Reading through Gilmorneau's for sale thread it seemed that people were interested in what would happen with this...
  11. Fast Eddy

    SOLD  Norcal: Oct '84 Chassis & Body Repair Manual

    Cover is fair to good, inside is about perfect. Electrical diagrams in the back are in good condition. FJ, BJ and HJ 60 & 75. $50 shipped obo
  12. shansen

    Builds  BJ75 Pickup

    Third Landcruiser, I've been looking for a pickup for about a year now. This one popped up on an auction and and about a week later, arrived in my driveway. It's been a couple months now of work getting everything up to where I'm comfortable driving it long distances, still a few things to go...
  13. theglobb


  14. 4btfjz80CO93

    Builds  Build thread for '87 BJ75 Troopy

    After purchase from Steve in Boulder, I've been messing around a bit to get a feel for the thing. I'm not mechanical, so any mechanic work will be completed by Robbie "powderpig" in Boulder. First thing was transfer case rebuild, tie rods, and water pump. Then replaced all hoses in engine. Oh...
  15. gilmorneau

    A Tale of Two Troopies

    Hello all, Over the years I’ve gleaned tons of good info here, but this is my first post. I’ve been looking off and on for years now trying to find a clean original Troopy, but have inevitably been disappointed by rust, RHD, high miles or ‘restored’ Land Cruisers, thick with Bondo and fresh...
  16. NicaNorth

    For Sale  BJ75

    Hey @joekatana - was this yours? 1900 Toyota Land Cruiser Land Cruiser BJ75 | eBay
  17. Alaska ADV

    For Sale  1988 BJ75 Custom Camper

    No Affiliation. But it looks like an awesome rig that has seen the world. Totoyaya Back Up For Sale $13000 USD
  18. E

    For Sale  LHD BJ75 3B AC Parts....24v Clutch, Pulley, under dash parts....

    Hey guys, I'm going to be selling my 1990' BJ75 LHD 5-speed soon and I have gathered about 80% of the AC parts, but won;'t have time to gather the rest prior to sell. Willing to sell them now, otherwise will offer them to whoever buys my truck. I have the last known brand new OEM Toyota 24v AC...
  19. M

    75 Troopy with no back windows?

    G'day all, I wanted to inquire what is this 75 Troopy model called that has no back windows, neither on the sides nor in the back doors. I haven't seen many. Attached is a reference pic and with link. Also attaching image below - hope it works. Is it more desirable in the US compared to the...
  20. resefe

    For Sale  1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 French registered with camper box.

    OK, so, you were quite a few people interested in this Land Cruiser which sold months ago (still on the mud, I don’t know how to delete-it…), it’s for sale again! Our buyer visited the vehicle in Montreal in September and agreed that we keep it until we found a replacement in the Southwest...
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