1. 4btfjz80CO93

    Builds Build thread for '87 BJ75 Troopy

    After purchase from Steve in Boulder, I've been messing around a bit to get a feel for the thing. I'm not mechanical, so any mechanic work will be completed by Robbie "powderpig" in Boulder. First thing was transfer case rebuild, tie rods, and water pump. Then replaced all hoses in engine. Oh...
  2. gilmorneau

    A Tale of Two Troopies

    Hello all, Over the years I’ve gleaned tons of good info here, but this is my first post. I’ve been looking off and on for years now trying to find a clean original Troopy, but have inevitably been disappointed by rust, RHD, high miles or ‘restored’ Land Cruisers, thick with Bondo and fresh...
  3. NicaNorth

    For Sale BJ75

    Hey @joekatana - was this yours? 1900 Toyota Land Cruiser Land Cruiser BJ75 | eBay
  4. Alaska ADV

    For Sale 1988 BJ75 Custom Camper

    No Affiliation. But it looks like an awesome rig that has seen the world. Totoyaya Back Up For Sale $13000 USD
  5. E

    For Sale LHD BJ75 3B AC Parts....24v Clutch, Pulley, under dash parts....

    Hey guys, I'm going to be selling my 1990' BJ75 LHD 5-speed soon and I have gathered about 80% of the AC parts, but won;'t have time to gather the rest prior to sell. Willing to sell them now, otherwise will offer them to whoever buys my truck. I have the last known brand new OEM Toyota 24v AC...
  6. M

    75 Troopy with no back windows?

    G'day all, I wanted to inquire what is this 75 Troopy model called that has no back windows, neither on the sides nor in the back doors. I haven't seen many. Attached is a reference pic and with link. Also attaching image below - hope it works. Is it more desirable in the US compared to the...
  7. resefe

    For Sale 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ75 French registered with camper box.

    OK, so, you were quite a few people interested in this Land Cruiser which sold months ago (still on the mud, I don’t know how to delete-it…), it’s for sale again! Our buyer visited the vehicle in Montreal in September and agreed that we keep it until we found a replacement in the Southwest...
  8. D

    For Sale 1989 BJ75 for sale Michigan

    I have been meaning to clean up the beast and post for sale on ebay and CL but I figured I would offer it up to the enthusiasts first. Specifics: 1989 BJ75 LHD 3B engine H55 trans 333,000 km 24 volt system (new batteries 01/16) PTO equipped legally imported from Madagascar (where I drove it...
  9. SamT

    BJ75 Gearbox differences

    Hi guys, its my first time post here. I looked for the answer using search, but could not find appropriate one. So, I have an option to buy new gearbox for BJ75 1988. That new gearbox has Toyota part no. 33030-60620. It appears to be factory standard for 1984-1985 production years. According...

    For Sale 1990 BJ75 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Model: BJ75 Engine: 3B Mileage: 156,220 VIN: JT1V0BJ7509003835 $23,500 0B0 This is a great example of a Toyota Troopy. You will be hard pressed to find one in this good of shape at an affordable price. This vehicle was purchased in Italy, where it was taken care of by a true Toyota 4x4...
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