Leaking windshield?

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May 3, 2016
odessa, tx
My wife's 2016 seems to have a leaking windshield. In a rainstorm we noticed water dripping down the passenger side pillar and accumulating on the floor. We purchased it used so I think maybe the windshield was replaced. Does the factory windshield say Toyota on it anywhere
I don't have a factory front windshield, but all of the other glass says Toyota on it. Beware of the leak causing electrical issues, search, there is a thread about that in the 200 section.

Also check the moonroof drain holes. Those can cause interior leaking as well.
The glass should say toyota on the bottom passenger side corner. To my knowledge pilkington is the only aftermarket manufacturer.. if you see their logo it’s not original. Also many installers like to use non-OEM gasket along the top edge. It doesn’t seem to lead to leaks but the different profile can cause a whistling at highway speeds. It’s hard to describe but the factory gasket sits behind the edge of the glass and never protrudes past the plane made by the surface of the windshield.. the bad trim is a round rubber gasket that appears to bubble out of the gap and wraps over both the windshield and the metal roof panel.

Or, it could be the sunroof.

Open your sunroof and clean the mating surfaces.. some leakage of the panel is inevitable and that is what the sunroof pan drains are designed to deal with.. but if stuff is stuck in the gasket holding it open the drains will become overwhelmed by even normal rain.

Then check the drain holes in the bottom front corners under the sunroof when it is slid back. Nothing should be obstructing them. Weedeater line is good to clean them out, and you can feed enough length in to get all the way to the bottom of the a pillar. Don’t use compressed air or too much force.. you can push the hose off the nipple and will have to drop the headliner to fix it.
Also, yes, what they said about it causing electrical damage. It’s easy to pull the trim along the edge of the carpet to the door opening.. once in there you can check for and vacuum out any water, then pull the carpet back some to help it dry.
Sunroof is clean. Looks to be a replacement windshield and some of the molding seems a little loose. I will take it to a guy local that I know does a good job this week and get it fixed
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I forgot to update this but I took to a local guy the Toyota dealership uses and he resealed the aftermarket windshield. It's never leaked again. Best $100 ever spent. It was leaking in the top corner on the passenger side. Probably poor installation by whoever the PO used.

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