Largest 18" Wheel / Tire Combo?

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Jan 22, 2015
Knoxville, TN
Guys, i'm sorry for posting this redundant thread. I've looked over and over on the forum to try and locate an answer to this but I just keep getting confused lol.

I have a stock LC. It comes with stock 16" wheels... I just recently picked up some Late model Tundra 18's

Right now I'm stock. I want to go Slee 2.5" Heavy once I get my bumpers.

My question: What size Tire can i fit on stock, and on slee 2.5.

I know slee recommends 33's for the 2.5 lift but I really would like to go larger. 35's...

Do I even attempt 35x12.5x18's on stock OR slee 2.5?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
275/18s are what most run on stock suspension without rubbing. I've seen others go bigger with minimal trimming with plans on a future lift.

I think @benc ran 295s stock before he got a lift. Might even be 315s. Can't remember.
As I understand it, width is the issue. I know 275/70R18 fit on a stock truck without rubbing. I think the 285/75R18 (35x11.25x18) are sweet but a small body lift in addition to a 2.5" suspension lift is recommended to run these. I would not want to run 315s.
Hey Thanks for that :) As i stated in the original post I've done a lot of searching but wound up confused. It's not the end of the world. I'm sure I'll find out sooner or later but if someone knowledgeable responds with an answer then voila.

Great question.

This forum has a ton of great information on this topic. Consider searching to find more info than you could ever read
Reader's Digest version - If you want to get out of your driveway, no 35s on a stock truck. If you want wheel the truck, do the "2.5" and a body lift, yes on the 35s. If you want to look pretty cool and rub pretty good, 35s with no body lift with the "2.5". Last option, cut fenders, do what no one has done, slap 37s on the truck.
I'm running 285/65/18 on my stock LC with no rubbing. They look great, I suppose that once I get a lift I may wish I went with 70-75's
I ran 295/70R18 (~34.5") on a stock unlifted truck for a few months. You can definitely drive around town without any significant problem. At certain steering angles and compressions you will get some minor rubbing at the back of the well (rubber on plastic). You'll also get rubbing at the top of the rail under max compression. I probably wouldn't recommend that you 'wheel' with that combo.

Rubbing is very subjective here. Some feel that any rubbing is unacceptable. If that's the case, stick with 33's or smaller. Really depends upon your wheeling style. If you're at max flex all the time crawling obstacles then it's much more of a concern than a more 'expo' driving style (I'm in this camp). I can't remember ever seeing a post of a 100 that has damaged a fender. I have, however, seen posts where a 305 (315?) has rubbed on a stock UCA and cut a groove into a tire. If you spend a large percentage of your time spinning a tire at full lock with the wheel stuffed then yes, you'll want to avoid rubbing.

I still get the occasional rub at the top of the well on hard hits, but it's rubber on plastic and doesn't cause any damage so IMO it's not an issue worth mitigating. Not worth going with a 1" BL, IMO. Plus I'd have to air down to get into my garage! ;)

Keep in mind that, as Spresso says, tire size and mitigating rubbing can be a slippery slope. The TC UCA's, for example fixed the alignment issue and (coupled with the Radflo shocks) increased travel. However, the 295s rubbed on the TC UCAs. Fixed that with 1" spacers, but that increased the scrub radius and put the tire into the pinch weld.

I like a big tire. You can roll over a lot of things that others need to go around. I also like the look. Further, it's the only mod that will increase your low point clearance. But big tires are expensive in many ways; increased maintenance (steering rack, wheel bearings), additional mods required, fuel econ, etc, etc, etc. There's a lot of wisdom in going with the smallest size tire that will get you where you need to go. YMMV.
The other concern about going for a 35" tire is that I don't believe a spare will fit under the truck, so an alternate location will be needed.

The 295/70R18 will fit underneath (don't know about a 285/75R18 or 35 x 12.5) You just need to remove the small bracket to create some space. Although it will fit, it's really overloading the factory spare winch. A factory 31" wheel/tire is about 58 lbs (IIRC). A 10 ply 35 is around 95-100 lbs. Before I got my BIOR rear I remember worrying that each jolt was going to find my spare wedged under the truck.
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I have a set of 35x12.5r18 and 18" rims with a 25mm offset. I am thinking of running them stock for 2 weeks while my suspension comes in. any opinions? lol
295/70 ridge grapplers.
2.5 inch lift w 864 springs in rear.
I don’t think I could safely get anything bigger. They rub a little and they touch the front fender ever so slightly.
But she sits up nice and tall and looks good too.
I wouldn’t go bigger then this without major surgery.
So I put the 35s on today stock suspension. I have to say I was surprised at how much it DOESNT rub as much as I thought it would. Yes on full articulation on the fender liner and a hair on the front bumber but nothing close to what I expected. However when going over any obstacles under compression it makes contact. But until my suspension get here in a couple weeks I can live with it. Pictures for your viewing pleasure.

35x12.5r18 Ridge Grapplers
18x9 +20 Raceline Rims

Suspension at Neutral/Center in Picture.

Lift before suspension 3.jpg

Lift before suspension.jpg

Lift before suspension2.jpg
It's better/easier to do all the clearances/trimming now while at stock height... easier to flex it to the bumpstops. Throw AHC in LOW.
After you do all the trimming mentioned above by @hoser then look at @hoser AHC sensor lift thread and follow the directions - this will get you by until the lift comes.

You should also buy a new steering rack, You're going to need it. ;)
I'm running 275/70/R18 Wrangler Duratracks with 1.25" Spacers and I rub on the pinchweld...
2.5" lift.
That's weird, I ran the same tires and lift and never rubbed, maybe it's your spacers, or the aftermarket UCAs I run? I've never heard of someone rubbing with 275/70/18s, it was supposed to always be the "safe" choice to not rub.

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