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Nov 29, 2006
San Diego CA
People in my family always call me about "what do you think about buying this or that car" They are never Toyotas. I don't think Toyotas are the only way to go but I am speaking from experience when I say they are very reliable. So my sis is looking at a Land Rover 97 Disco with 130k the guy just put $1800 into it and is saying he would put it on CL for $4500 but will sell it to her for $2500. I have always heard about the problems with those cars (oil leaks, electrical problems, and gaskets etc..) Does anyone have an opinion here. I want to be unbiased but I am obviously not. All the preaching in my family about Toyotas seems to fall on dead ears. :meh:
Run Forest, Run!

Only folks I've ever know that owned Rovers would NEVER, EVER own another one. Had a boss one time with one on lease. It sat broken down in our office building until the day the lease ran out and she had it towed back to the dealer! True story.

Biased opinion of course, but if she wants an SUV, she can get a nice '94-97 for not much more than $2500 these days.
Rovers are awesome. Ok, let me rephrase that... Rover bodies are cool.. everything else sucks... electrical, engine... most of the drive train. Even Rover guys will tell you that. Now, if you could put all Toyota stuff under a Rover 110.. then you'd be set.
i think common problem for land rovers are electrical. axles are not as strong as the '80 and i'm not sure about the engine and tranny. as far as oil leaks and gaskets....i think the '80 has a fair share of that.
I went from a 1997 Discovery 5-speed manual (rare) to a 1994 Land Cruiser (my first automatic vehicle EVER).

My Discovery leaked oil and it had electrical gremlins. Left me stranded once. The fuel pump died, so I bought a new one, came back the next day, replaced it on the trail and drove home.
Throughout my ownership of my Discovery, most strangers and most friends mistakenly called my Discovery a Land Cruiser. I had to correct them. And I noticed the non-enthusiasts use the names 'Land Rover' and 'Land Cruiser' interchangeably. And when I bought the Land Cruiser, most people thought it was the same Discovery that I had before.
don't fight it! embrace the opportunity to look like a genius within a short period of time... think of all those "I told you so" that you'll be able to enjoy... :)
So my sis is looking at a Land Rover 97 Disco with 130k the guy just put $1800 into it and is saying he would put it on CL for $4500 but will sell it to her for $2500.

Sounds like a great deal! But she may end up paying that great deal every few months in parts and repairs. And from what I have seen the Rover mechanics always have full lots so repairs could take a while.
My brother bought a used 1997 Discovery in 2001 from a Land Rover Dealer. Great body, room for 7 and an awesome interior. Only problem was it would just turn off at random times. Like going down the freeway at 70 then just cut out. No brakes, no steering no nothing. Sometimes it would start up again sometimes not. Ending up going back to the dealer about 7 different times. Sometimes on a flatbed to fix this problem. They could never find out what was wrong with it. He ended up taking a trade in off their lot, a FORD F150. Because of his experience I would not buy a Discovery, ever.

Sheesh, no thanks. My mothers Volvo S70 did that same thing. I wonder if the parts on Rovers are expensive too.
In addition to all the reliability issues above the all aluminium V8 in those would make a better boat anchor than a motor. Very low on power.
I bought a '96 Discovery and I could never get it to run quite right. It would randomly set a Check Engine light with an engine misfire.

It was a comfortable car and I did like the way it drove, but I never felt confident that I could take it to the backcountry, felt like it would leave me stranded, almost like it was just waiting for the chance to fail on me.

I traded it at a Ford dealer for a '94 Toyota Pickup that my kids drove for a long time, never a bit of trouble with that one and didn't have a second thought about our trip to Moab or anywhere else!

I will NEVER own another Land Rover! Although I did meet some very nice people because of that car, but it was no coincidence that they were all MECHANICS!


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