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Mar 3, 2021
Czech Republic
Hi All,

I just joined the forum today and just wanted to introduce myself.

I am a 40 series noob, just got a 1978 BJ40 a month ago. I am originally from the UK but live in the Czech Republic with my Czech wife and 4 daughters.

My wife and I drove our Hilux to Italy and picked up my BJ40 on a trailer. I was surprised to find that at some point in its life it had an upgrade to a 3B engine so that was a bonus. It spent most of its life as a work van and the previous owner did some work on it but its in need a full proper restoration. I plan to get it passed the Czech MOT and drive it on the road for a few years before restoring it.

I think my first post will be on glow plugs :-D it seems someone stripped the super glow out of it at some point and didn't even do a Wilson switch so I think I will need some advice/help on this. It seems a little messy.

Thanks guys and looking forward to interacting with you all.



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