JC Whitney leaves?

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Sep 11, 2007
New Jersey
I went through JC's site to see if they had leaf springs for my truck, and these came up as a match. I'm a bit confused, are these to be put on a trailer, or are they just heavy duty incase you tow a trailer?
The reason I ask is because the recomended accessories are trailer tires, but then again it says the springs fit a 4runner. Any clue? How much life and ride quality would I get out of JC springs? Any experience? Thanks!

That page makes no sense.

But, even if they did fit, there's no way you're gonna get a decent quality spring for $40. You get what you pay for.

If you ever do order anything from JC Whitney, DO NOT give them your real phone number. You will start getting telemarketers, and JCW will call you about joining their stupid "club". Really sucks when it's your cell phone and they're using your precious minutes.
leaf springs

yea, i guess you get what you pay for, and i have been warned about that JC whitney phone number deal before...

so I'm wondering how many times in the past I have seen OME and thought it was the same as OEM...it never really clicked until I was on Old Man Emu's site before I read this post. Anyway, these springs seem like a better choice, they are twice as much, but I'm sure they are much better quality, never heard bad about OME....
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but i'm still shopping....
all pro

it looks like all pro discontinued their 3" springs, they only have 4 and up, and i'm looking for stock hieght springs, i only have about 1.5" lift up front, so i figured i'd go with stock springs and longer shackles (longer shackles would give me better flex then aftermarket 2" lift springs, right? less arch=better flex?) thanks again!
just thinkin...

i just realized as cool as old man emu stuff is, i don't think i can swing that much money for springs....i'm probably gonna shop used
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These springs are very similar to OME, I would bet a little stiffer (if anything like their FJ40/60/62 leaf spring counterparts) but very reliable/ long lasting and still quality springs. They are the same company basically as BDS springs (I don't know the politics but I knwo that most of the part numbers and final product are the same). They used to be free shipping and have gotten a little stiffer shipping wise but not a bad deal still. Good route for new springs. I would consider an add-a-leaf if I was you but instead of one made by most companies I'd rob an old stock leaf pack and throw two of the longer leafs in to your stock pack. Make sure to cut them so you don't have two leafs of equal length but other than that, cheap, not stiff, increase carrying capacity a little, and increase height. I've had a number of stock length springs in different lift heights and this is what I plan on doing on my rig.

i'm looking at those ebay springs, but shipping is going to cost as much as the springs themselves, i emailed them just to be sure though....

and 88 pick up springs will fit my 89 4runner, right?
If you got 1.5" lift in front and go with stock springs and shackles in a 4rnr you'll still have butt sag or your shackle will be so long your drive line will have problems. Just my 0.02.

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