It is worth doing a top end rebuild with leaking valve seals

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If you have oil in the cylinders there is no point in a compression test; it won't be accurate. Adding oil into a leaking cylinder is the test for leaking valve seals versus leaking piston rings.
Yeah I know, I couldn't really prevent it since there was oil in the tubes. I will probably retest the compression once I do everything else one day.
Got around to putting some of the oil seals on. Overall, not that bad. Was lucky my harbor freight compressor works after sitting for 8-9 years.

Of course i had the exact quantity of oil seals and I broke the first intake one. It just felt like it wasn’t seating all the way, so I’ve pushed it further down and it split.

The exhaust seals look like they’re pretty much sitting all the way down, do I press them flush with the housing?

For the intake seals, there definitely feels like a gap from the bottom to the seal, is that right?




@BILT4ME Curious what you think about these plugs
Well, since there are no immediate reference positions for these other than order of photos in the previous posts, I'll go from there.

Pic 1, 2, 3, 5: Burning oil. Plug gap is way too wide Worn out. The gray ash buildup on the plug is what gives the reference along with a black residue near where the threads and electrode are.
Pic 4: Oil fouled or it was dropped in the oil after it was removed or the plug tube seals had failed and when it was pulled, it got soaked in oil. It is still a wide gap and it looks to have been burning oil due to the ash volume remaining on the plug. Also worn out.

So, all in, I would say across the board your engine is burning oil. Where is it coming from? Rings or valve seals? This is where the compression and leak down test will reveal.

Having a significant vacuum leak (such as failed tube seals) will also increase oil consumption because it allows air into the engine that is then sucked up by the PCV and sucked into the intake. Get all your vacuum leaks fixed and your oil consumption should decrease.
Replace your valve seals and your oil consumption should decrease.
Replace your VC gasket and your oil consumption should decrease.

VC seal
Dizzy O-Ring
Throttle body gasket
Oil pump seal
Front main seal
Spark Plug Tube seals
OEM plugs
OEM wires
OEM cap
OEM rotor
OEM cap seal (dust seal)

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