Is this a secondary coil resistor? (1 Viewer)

Jan 18, 2020
Lake Tahoe
I'm in the middle of a few minor upgrades to my fj55. Rebuilt the carburetor, restored the carb linkage to stock, tuning the carburetor using the lean drop method and adjusting the timing for +6000' using the current distributor and coil. Once the engine is running well, drop in a new distributor with a Pertronix setup. The current ignitor is just sitting there and was bypassed by a previous owner but the resistor is still used (red). Is the blue circle another resistor? and the third wire I guess is just a ground? I'm assuming the 10AWG BKL/YEL is my ignition wire and that will connect straight to the new coil, removing all the items saddled on top.

Just not sure if I can remove the blue circled item as well. Do not see anything in the wiring schematic that shows something between the primary resistor and the coil. Maybe since they disconnected the ignitor?

Thanks for any assistance.


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