Introducing my FJ-45

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Nov 17, 2017
Hi there,

just registered and the welcome-mail said i should introduce myself ;), so here i am

My name is Tom and I live since 9 years in Ethiopia.

Cars are crazy expensive in Ethiopia (heavy taxed) and so you buy old cars not only because you are an old-timer-lover but actually because its what you can afford... For me it was both.. (My second car is a '71 VW-Bug)

Who wants to know about me, i guess the car is more interesting:

FJ-45 Body from '83, 2H-Engine (still trying to figure out when it was produced, see identification by engine number 2H )

I bought it these 8 years ago and treated it well in the beginning... We are having a farm with some friends, (which I only support financially, as I am running another business)... Money was tight for some years now and the car became a real working-car driving these 45km out of Bahir Dar to the farm and back. Didn't have money and time to work on it and so it was really run down (looks much worse than the picture attached now).

Now finally we got another car for working purpose and I finally can give my car some rest and want to overhaul the engine now as a first step of the bigger project.. Probably my funds in the moment will only suffice for the engine.

so... introduced! ;)

Welcome to the madness Tom! That is a very nice looking Troopy. You may want to introduce yourself in the "45 Clubhouse" as well.

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