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Mar 14, 2002
Mooresville, NC
I honestly have no idea where to start.
I bought my truck while still in college in 1992. It was a 1967 fj40 that had been used as a snow plow for two school yards in NY. 32K original on it when I got it.

Ok, so that posted. Been on mud forever. Took about a 7 year break.
Moving on.
I left school and went to Cape Cod Ma for a few years. Drove the wheels off the thing

and then New England took its toll. it was reskinned once, then a whole new tub 5 or 6 years later.
For the record, i am REALLY fortunate to have amazing friends who helped along the way. And by helped, I mean did ALL of the metal work and paint. A few more pics over the years.

rust 1 .jpg

orange .jpg

rust 2 .jpg


wheeling .jpg
wheeled the crap out of it forever. several sets of swampers, ended up on 38x11 boggers. Not many pics of that time in it's life.
Still had an F motor, with an SM420, 3 speed, power steering, disks and longs, etc etc.

The wheeling and rust got to be too much for the frame, and after the third or fourth plate, I decided to swap frames. So it began. Spring over, shackle reversal, 350 / 4speed swap, FJ60 steering, 4 wheel disks...
I got about half way through it and took a job here in NC. The truck sat for about 5 years at Poor Wally's in VT while I got life together down here. He and I came up with a plan and it was game on.

wally 1 .jpg

wally 2 .jpg
Took a few days off and cranked on it with cruiser heads I have known for 20 years. The same guys that have helped me and worked on this truck for as long as I have known them. I could not have done any of this without these guys. Some on mud, some not. All cruiser guys.

Brought it home a few months ago and started the assembly again.

da boys .jpg
Now it will be a great toy for me and my son, who is helping a little. OK, very little. But it will be his someday.
It is coming together slowly, but I am hopeful for spring/summer of this year. Might be optimistic, but I am making good progress.
Looking forward to meeting you all and will definitely come to a meet and greet next time I can.

Here is where it is today. Needs lots of time and money, but after 20-something years of owning this and a few other cruisers I am not surprised by that in the least.

now .jpg
nice story a sweet 40 welcome
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Good to see you coming back around to mud n cruisers. Hope the tail prop crossmember worked out for you.

Looking forward to checking out the poor wally tub soon.
Good to see you post up Dan, was wondering when you were going to after getting the 40 down to you.

:cheers: A Murphy on me next time I'm in town
it sure did. Running it now. Thanks! I have met a few people from this crew and know a ton of the Yankee Toys guys as I was part of that for years. I stopped coming to mud as it just made me want to get my truck more and more every time I came on. Wally did an amazing job on my tub. He redid everything and has countless hours into it. So does FourLow&Go on here as well. Can't thank them enough.
Good to see you post up Dan, was wondering when you were going to after getting the 40 down to you.

:cheers: A Murphy on me next time I'm in town
Hell yes. I had one on a business trip in Montreal and thought of you.
One of my favorite memories of the second build was when my wife bought me two new fenders for valentines day and I crushed them both on the first run out after putting them on in Vermont. Ahhh- good times. Trail was a little tight.


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