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Apr 17, 2010
Menifee, Ca
Hi my name is Ryan and I have a '94 landcruiser :D. I just recently purchased Dave's vision-x hids and after seeing his rig I decided I needed to get started on my buildup. Ran over to Man-a-fre yesterday and picked up an OME 2.5" heavy kit and a Kaymar rear bumper with tire carrier. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and was hoping to get these installed on my truck but was wondering how difficult it would be. I did my ARB front bumper install solo a few weeks ago in my father's 1 car garage but I'm wondering about if I'm going to need more workspace. The two big things I'm concerned about are the caster correction bushings and I heard that I might need to do some drilling to install the Kaymar tire carrier :confused:? those two things I don't know If I can do. most of the local shops here in murrieta seem pretty expensive and can't do the work till later next week. This is my DD so I was hoping to get it done on a day off. Any suggestions? also which mod should i do first? thanks!
Ryan, it would probably be easier and faster to install the lifts if you have someone with mechanical experience to help you with it.
This is pretty much an unbolting/bolting job. If you are a total newb with a wrench or you are going to do this solo, you need to anticipate unexpected bumps along the way and it makes it easier to overcome by reading instructions/threads/posts ahead of time.

Since you have 3 days off, I would do the lifts first so if something comes up you have a couple of days to sort them out. Now mind you, how long you can finish the task depends on YOU. Safety FIRST! Don't rush, which is what I did. Have enough workspace to maneuver yourself and the jack. When I say maneuver yourself, I mean space to get out of harms way when something bad happens.

I still don't have caster corrections on since my install. My truck drives fine - which I hate to say since the truck is out of spec without it. I made this decision based on how it handled on the street/freeway and simulated/real emergency maneuvers. But I do plan on going to J springs and know Slee caster plates is in the future. So, the OEM bushings will stay on. I don't recommend not doing the caster corrections when you install the lift.

About the caster correction install - someone will probably chime in and give a recommendation on where it can done.

There are more than a couple of SC80s members that have Kaymar. They will chime in and offer some advice on the install. I don't remember any threads/posts that had any drilling done to install the bumper?

Good luck!
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There's some folks out in your area that can help you out.

You could come to my place (Huntington Beach) and I can help you put on the lift (sans bushings).

Installing a lift is pretty easy. The hardest thing will be removing the drivers side shock. You might want to soak your nuts a day or two in advance with WD40 or something.
One option for the bushings is to take the control arms off yourself and take them into a shop like John's at SD Trux and have them press them in. I am doing this same lift in the next month or so and called John yesterday to do the bushings and it is not expensive.
Where are you at in Murrieta? I live off of Scott rd. I can give you a hand.
I live off of cal oaks and when I was doing my ARB front I did it at my dad's apt off scott rd in the sonoma apt complex off mapleton. I don't think I have the workspace required. Especially with the Kaymar bumper and my old front bumper still laying around in my dads garage. :whoops:
Kaymar bumper is the easiest of your projects. About the same as your ARB. Yes - the tire carrier does require drilling 4 holes into the bumper to mount the latch. Drilling is not really that difficult, but it'd help for you to then tap the holes for the threaded bolts that come with the carrier.

Too bad you aren't closer - I've got the drill bit and tap set to do this. I've done mine and SoCalFJ's Kaymar bumpers.

You can always slap the bumper on and to the carrier later.

I agree that the lift should come first in the order of priority in the 3 days you've got.
Whens the 3 day weekend? We can put the rear bumper on at my shop in an hour with air tools. The rest is kind of hard for me depending upon when because i have a couple pallets coming of Trasharoo's.. so i won't have much room.
I live too far away to be of any help, but props to all the guys willing to assist the Ryan new guy.

MKfour, wouldn't this cause a rash? JK.
"You might want to soak your nuts a day or two in advance with WD40 or something."
I got the lift installed. Now I just need to get that Kaymar bumper on this weekend. :) before / after

Nice looking new stance!

The Kaymar will be a piece of cake by comparison! Shoot - If I can install it...anyone can!!!
I got the lift installed. Now I JUSTneed to get that Kaymar bumper on this weekend. :)

The JUST will turn into; ditching the running boards, flares & stock roof rack. Then you will get into; need Mud Terrain 35" tires, sliders, skid plate, cargo box, roof rack, Slee light harness, LED dome lights, Scion stereo, dual batteries, CB radio, CB sucks maybe a HAM radio now, etc etc, etc.......

You are JUST at the beginning! But you are off to a GREAT start! :cheers:
Kaymar installed! The included instructions & installation CD were pretty worthless.;p getting that swing-out installed is next. ORW here in Temecula quoted me like $75 to drill/tap my bumper. is this something worth just letting them do it? obviously id have to buy the bit/tap and stuff to diy and i dunno if I'm comfortable drilling holes into the bumper. I'm the kinda guy that measures twice cuts once and still messes up :doh:. bolt on stuff isn't too tricky. Maybe I should wait until I get new tires. the spare I removed from under was some really gross rotted/cracked tire from when my dad bought the LC. Cheers


You are not going to want to keep those spindles exposed too long or they will start to get some surface rust. When I had my swing off for a few months I kept a rubber glove, plastic bag & taped during the rainy winter we had and still got a little rust on mine that I had to brush off.
Wow - $75 to drill and tap 4 holes? I guess if you don't have the bit and tap you're kind of stuck. It'd cost you that much to drive over to South OC and back. We could get'er done over here.

Just make sure when you/they mark the four holes for drilling with the template that you set the latch in place and test it as best you can with the swing out on the spindle so you know you've got it positioned correctly.

I'm like you, but I measure at least three times (OCD anal retentitive behavior) and sometimes still screw up or break things! I didn't mess this one up tho.

Make sure you grease the spindle well before dropping the swing out on it.

At least Kaymar now has a CD of instructions. The written ones from years ago was pretty bad and the electrical hook up info was absolutely WORTHLESS.

I agree with Mark regarding the spindles. If you're only going to use one for the tire swingout, invest the $$ to purchase a spindle cover from MAF. Place a little grease on the spindle and put the cover on it. At a minimum, put some lubricant on and wrap it with saran wrap, etc. and tape it off until you get a proper cover. Cheap insurance.

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