Input on Wheel/Tire Sizes?

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Feb 9, 2022
Been spending a bit too much time looking at options and reading, could use some input to see if this idea is somewhat sane:

I may be keeping stock height, which I am leaning toward at the moment, but still digesting the input from this thread. If not, going 2" higher max. I don't plan to be wheeling, just need it durable and want larger size tires to help soak up the "roads" where I'm at.

The stock wheels on my 92 are ugly IMO. And I would prefer a bit wider stance as well.

Here's what I am considering:
New 15x8 wheels - either cheap American Racing alloys or Black Rock steelies, both with -19 offset.

Originally was thinking 33's but now considering 35's possibly (especially if will be lifting) They are both 12.50 and spec'd for 8.5 minimum rim, but I figure 1/2" narrower won't be too bad.

I'm leaning toward the steelies, but the alloys are 10lb lighter which I like. Also likely not as durable when hitting a pothole, but I plan to get 5 of whatever I get. I realize 35's in the stock spare carrier may require a bit of work to fit (or may not), but I can just throw it in the back or figure something else out. We're rarely more than 10 miles from home on this little island anyway.

Thoughts? Am I going to rub-town with the 35x12.5's on -19 stock height? What might I not be considering here?

33's + stock/minimal lift. Easy fit, no rub under any circumstances, spare fits like stock. 33x12.5 will still look pretty mean on a stockish 80 too. :cool:

Yes, it's possible to fit a 34.5 tire in the stock spare spot, but it looks like a saggy diaper, even with the spare tire lift mod, and you can't run any sort of hitch receiver if you ever plan to tow or use that as a recovery point. Pintle hook is still feasible. I've gone down that road and spent a lot of money on a 35x10.5 spare specifically for that purpose. Now my $$$ spare sits in the back yard most of the time and goes inside the cab on wheeling trips. Much regret.

I would still recommend a narrower 33x10.5 for the spare if you plan to do a 4-tire rotation, just to keep it from hanging down too much. This is for purely aesthetic considerations if you don't plan to wheel hard. If you plan to do a 5-tire rotation, then obviously, same size all around, and I would consider running the 33x10.5 at all corners.

As for steel vs. alloy, that is really up to your inner cheap-ass to decide whether the $200 premium is worth it for a little less weight. I don't really have an opinion there.

EDIT: looks like tire choices in 33x10.5 are pretty limited, so maybe stick with the wide ones.
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Yeah, not a lot of choices in the narrower 33's on 15's. I wouldn't be opposed to going to 16 or 17 other than it just seems like I increase the price and weight for very little benefit as both the tires (mostly E rated) and wheels weigh and cost more.

Great turbo thread/build BTW. About half way through it at the moment.

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